Tho Ha – a peaceful ancient village on the Cau River

Tho Ha ancient village has the beauty of an ancient village with charming scenery, one side is a busy river on the wharf under the boat, the other side is majestic ancient trees with many houses tinged with time. Despite going through many ups and downs, Tho Ha ancient village still retains its ancient features, imbued with Vietnamese cultural identity.

Follow the water stalls from the Tho Ha ancient village gate and you will enter the deep alleys. Those who first set foot here will be surprised with a series of small alleys, some places are only wide enough for two people to avoid each other. The two sides of the alley are close to the old brick-colored red walls that have been worn out, many walls are lined with glossy black-brown crockery. Still the same road with mossy houses, quiet for many years.

The houses built with small terracotta coffins have given Tho Ha ancient village a unique and rare architectural style that attracts many tourists. According to local people, the wall is made of small terracotta coffins  and ceramic pieces with very good heat and cold resistance. In cold weather, the house always radiates warmth, on hot days, the house is strangely cool. Walls built with small terracotta coffins for thousands of years are not damaged.

With all the quiet ancient features, a long cultural history and bustling life, Tho Ha ancient village is like a bridge connecting the present with the past, a place that attracts many researchers. , domestic and foreign tourists come here

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