Tho Ha ancient pottery is in danger of being lost

Tho Ha ancient village was once so busy, but now, when going to Van Ha commune to ask people about Tho Ha pottery, everyone shakes their heads and regrets. According to the elderly in the village, Tho Ha ancient village pottery was famous everywhere, when people worked together in cooperatives, then it became Tho Ha pottery factory. The unique thing in the lifestyle of the ancient pottery villagers is to use discarded pieces of crockery, porcelain, and pottery to build houses and walls, not plastered with mortar, but woven together to form very unique shapes.

It’s difficult, if you keep asking about Tho Ha ancient village pottery now. In the village, ceramic products are still sold in many places, but they are all products of other places to sell. Tho Ha pottery has long since disappeared. Since the 1990s (20th century), Tho Ha pottery industry fell into crisis, products made but consumed very slowly. At that time, everywhere in the village went to see ceramics scattered, filled with yards and houses. Ceramic enterprises and cooperatives prospered, but they also fell into disintegration. Many ceramic kilns with an investment of up to tens of millions of dong had to be demolished to make room for other industries.

In recent years, some Tho Ha ancient village people who are very passionate about their homeland’s pottery craft have always struggled to find a solution to restore the traditional craft. However, because the products are made by traditional methods, the prices are high, the designs are not diverse, and they cannot compete with the same products of the village. Another reason is that many small traders have brought Chinese ceramics with beautiful designs and cheaper prices to sell locally. Therefore, Tho Ha pottery is “outdated”, has no place and gradually disappears.

The risk of loss of Tho Ha pottery is evident. To restore the traditional craft of the homeland, the most important thing is to innovate technology and find outputs for products.

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