Tho Ha Ancient Pottery Village – Language without words but profound

Tho Ha Ancient Village is famous for its ancient architecture from the houses to the village gates, the ancient wells are made of baked bricks and unglazed earthenware. The flourishing of the pottery industry once here has helped people build a complex of architecture of communal houses, pagodas, literature, village gates, and grand palaces. Tho Ha Ancient Village gate is one of the most beautiful village gates in the lower and middle Cau river with ancient architecture. The gate is located at the beginning of the village in front of the communal house, one side is a large lake, the other side is a hundred-year-old banyan tree bearing the cultural imprint of the countryside in the Northern Delta.

Tho Ha Ancient Village communal house in Kinh Bac is surrounded by ancient trees, the top edge of the roof is curved around a crescent shape, the corner of the roof is attached to Nghe, small animals made of old terracotta with burgundy fire. With a long-standing architecture valuable in fine arts and sculpture, Tho Ha Ancient Village has become a familiar place to attract researchers, artists and artisans to find inspiration.

Follow the small water stalls from the village gate to the alley. Those who first set foot here will be surprised with the small alleys and alleys, some places are only wide enough for two people to walk. The walls were the red color of worn old brick, the walls were stacked with a glossy dark brown crockery. Still the same old road, there are mossy, quiet houses that go along with the length of Vietnamese cultural history.

Pottery making in the village has almost disappeared. Most of the people here switched to making rice paper. Walking along a small alley in the village, above the head are long bamboo pens to dry cakes, close together. The most beautiful when the afternoon sun shines through each slice of cake, the sun’s shadow dances around like playing a game of chase

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