Tho Ha ancient village – a journey “back in time”

Tho Ha ancient village in Viet Yen district, Bac Giang province is known as “afternoon blue smoke on the ancient village”. The reason why it is named that is the slow pace of life here. The space is extremely peaceful on the countryside road, mixed with the afternoon blue smoke on the old roofs. Time seemed to stop moving before the ancient and quiet beauty of Tho Ha village.

The road to the village is lined with trees, leading to a village that is several hundred years old, with about 200 houses, including many ancient houses. The pace of life in the village slowly drifts away, the people here do not work in agriculture, they earn living by handicrafts and riverside trade.

As a small village located along the poetic Cau River, bordering the river on three sides like a small island, Tho Ha ancient village still retains its pristine appearance from lifestyle to landscape. Coming to Tho Ha ancient village is like a journey “going back in time”, returning to a traditional and peaceful lifestyle in the midst of a vast area of ​​rivers, with a spacious natural scenery like leading to a house in fairy tale village.

Tho Ha village still retains the craft village culture intactly, with a system of communal houses, temples, and typical ancient houses of the countryside. The village still keeps the traditional profession of making rice paper to create famous products in the country and export to the world.

Currently, Tho Ha ancient village has many types of tourism such as visiting ancient houses, cycling to enjoy the scenery, performing the profession of making rice cake… so you can freely visit and learn about the ancient village.

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