Tho Ha ancient village – an old space

Located on the Cau River, Tho Ha is one of the rare ancient villages that still retains the ancient cultural features of Kinh Bac region, including lifestyle, architecture, spirituality and production. This is a rural village with charming scenery with banyan trees, water wharf, communal yard, and close-knit old houses located deep in ancient alleys. The old Vietnamese workers with talented hands also did not forget to elaborately and meticulously carve many simple but soft patterns on many wooden parts of the house, creating the charm of a pure Vietnamese house.

Tho Ha ancient village is famous for its ancient architecture: from the house to the village gate, to the ancient well, all are made of baked bricks and unglazed earthenware. In particular, this place also exists a temple, the superficial Tho Ha communal house – a masterpiece of Vietnamese traditional architecture.

Tho Ha village has a closed structure with a main road, from which it radiates to every corner of the village. Surrounding the village is a river system, creating a romantic and poetic landscape. On hot days, the river system is the “air conditioner” to help the air in the village become comfortable and cool. Only 50 km from Hanoi, you will be amazed at an old, quiet space of an ancient village that still retains the colors of time. When stepping through Tho Ha village gate, the hustle and bustle of life seems to be pushed back.

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