Tho Ha Ancient Village – From the past to the present

Along the legendary Cau River of poetry and history, an ancient culture has formed, developed and left a deep impression on the “mosaic” of national culture. Tho Ha ancient village is a place capable of naming both the history and culture of this land. At the same time, its scientific and aesthetic values are enough to attract professionals who aspire to uncover the history of the formation and development of the northern village.

Considered the cradle of pottery, the Tho Ha ancient village bears the imprint of the first steps of pottery in Vietnam. In addition to the sedimentary layers and cultural layers, Tho Ha ancient village also preserves many valuable historical and cultural relics that become national heritage, especially the affirmation of great values and irreplaceable in the process of national history.

Village culture – as asserted by many researchers – is an organic collection of a system of elements, including customs, lifestyles, festivals, religious beliefs, theater types. Then, looking from the depth of the past, it seems that on the land of Tho Ha, there is a legend of its own, which is also “the place where the nation’s soul is deposited”.

Tho Ha ancient village is as stated, a land “with many memories of the past” which is the crystallization of good values in the relationship between people and people. All of these factors have accumulated to create sparkling cultural “floors”, “marvels”, to become a mosaic in the soul and make up the appearance of this land.


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