Tho Ha ancient village – keep a countryside look

Tho Ha ancient village is famous for the beauty of the typical countryside of the North with the river, the boat docks, the ancient temples, and the craft villages that are attractive to tourists to explore. Tho Ha ancient village is an ideal place for those who love the simplicity and dreaminess of the old North. And people still find the Vietnamese soul preserved in this small village.

It can be said that Tho Ha ancient village is a museum about typical village images of the North. This luck to be a museum is probably due to it being an isolated country, to get there you have to take a ferry. The color of the old patchy brick wall brings you back to the river of memories of a time neither near nor far. But that river actually drifted far away, only Tho Ha remained. The peaceful ancient features still remain, although not much, but it is still very rich in national identity, especially in the northern countryside.

Tho Ha ancient village is famous throughout the country for its ancient architecture built from burnt bricks and raw ceramics. For hundreds of years, until now, Tho Ha people still have preserved almost intact the village gate, an extremely familiar architectural work in the villages of the North. The gate is located at the beginning of the village, next to the communal house, next to a large lake. The noisy life of the 21st century seems to be still being kept outside the village gate, the slowness keeps Tho Ha pure and genuine features of the village. In Tho Ha, time seems to be standing still for us to indulge in each level of “homeland” emotions.


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