Tho Ha Ancient Village – Keeping the past for the future

Not welcoming us with a youthful look, Tho Ha ancient village makes us sink in the fantasies of an ancient history. I hear in the wind the song of thousands of generations beckoning, I find in the sunshine the ancient silhouette of the past. It seems that thousand-year-old land always carries such a magical silhouette, making us love forever. Every time I go to Tho Ha ancient village, I myself tell me to visit those old places, to see the beauty of the past, to see the shadow of time imprinted on each old tile.

Tho Ha ancient village seems to still retain the original architecture. That place makes us sink in the old space of a northern village, with a towering village gate on the old banyan tree, with three- and five-chamber old houses with characteristic tiled roofs, with ancient communal houses, moss-covered walls.

Tho Ha ancient village preserves dozens of ancient roofs hidden deep inside. These houses are made from pieces of pottery, creating an ancient beauty of Asian style. The house is decorated with works created by artisans such as jars, vases, vases, etc.

In the past, Tho Ha ancient village lived mainly by handicrafts and trade, then switched to pottery in 1960. After that, people have switched to making rice paper rolls, coconut rice cakes and rice noodles. The image of rice paper rolls drying along the path will surely make many tourists enjoyable.

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