Tho Ha ancient village – nostalgic and peaceful

Bearing the time stamp of hundreds of years old with ancient architecture and poetic peace is what people remember forever when they have the opportunity to visit Tho Ha ancient village. It can be said that the time and the “art” here have made the ancient village a highlight when going for a tour. The villages are extremely suitable for walking or cycling so that you can go to every corner of the village without breaking the silence and peace of the old houses here.

Only nearly 50km from the capital, Tho Ha ancient village seems to be separate from the outside world. Just go through the village gate, you can enjoy a peaceful countryside like in old fairy tales with “banyan tree, well, communal yard”. This place also preserves many houses of the Northern countryside with brick roads and mossy walls.

In the middle of the modern city, Tho Ha ancient village appears as an ancient town full of nostalgia and peace. Tho Ha has many places to visit associated with the old village architecture and culture: communal house, communal yard or ancient houses. Each place has interesting stories that make us come to learn, listen and feel. Therefore, today Tho Ha ancient village is very famous and is an extremely attractive place for people and tourists to visit and explore.

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