Tho Ha ancient village – Small alleys zigzagging herringbones

Unlike many Vietnamese villages, experiencing the ups and downs of history and the ravages of time, Tho Ha ancient village still shows up with all its ancient and mossy features. The unique architecture and cultural activities of the village have a strong attraction to domestic and foreign tourists.

The main road through the village with only one road. From there, branch out into each small alley. The houses built close to the alley make the road become long and attractive. In Tho Ha ancient village, it is possible to find the beauty of a pure Vietnamese village still present. At the beginning of the alley is the famous gate, banyan tree, water wharf, communal house yard, pagodas are located right on the main road of the Tho Ha ancient village

Tho Ha people are famous for their pottery making. In the old days, when the fire was still red in the stoves, batches of broken or broken crockery were brought out for use. Therefore, from the wall of the house to the door sill, the foot of the bed, everywhere there are items for the negative world like this. Throughout the tiny alley, the mottled walls show fragments of time. Moss and ferns live strongly from these pieces of earthenware.

During the wedding season, many couples find it hard to come to this small village. The mossy little corners, the walls that are still preserved over time have become the backdrop for the photos. In the eyes of the photographer, Tho Ha is beautiful. A group of young people invited each other to Tho Ha ancient village to have a picnic one day after a hard week.

Tho Ha people still live as simple as ever. They work hard, work hard next to the batches of freshly baked rice paper. In the sunny afternoon, the crackling sound of rice paper crackling sounds like a sweet sound, a melody of life that is gently changing every day.


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