Tho Ha ancient village – The alley of the homeland

Since I left the countryside to go to the city, in my mind, the image of the ancient mossy alley of Tho Ha ancient village was always displayed in my mind. Is it possible that the farther away from home, the more nostalgia for that place is in the heart?

There, in the quiet summer afternoons, children in Tho Ha play hide and seek together and then fall asleep in the scent of areca, grapefruit. That’s where the mothers and grandmothers quietly return from the hustle and bustle of business. The alley is also a place where neighbors can easily turn a small path to take a shortcut to each other’s house to eat a piece of betel, drink a cup of tea or ask for a fire to cook…

The alley is also a place that contains the joys and sorrows of the people living in it. That’s how many times I saw my father and mother off on the road with faraway shipments and then returned in deep loneliness. These are the joys of Tho Ha people waiting for their children to return from their hometown to reunite with their grandparents every time Tet comes. And it is also a heartbreaking place when sending loved ones off for the last time in the middle of a lonely autumn afternoon…

Now, Tho Ha alley is a place to feel the love, affection, and peace of mind every time you return to your hometown.

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