Tho Ha ancient village – the convergence of unique cultural values of the Northern countryside

Tho Ha ancient village still preserves good customs and traditions, a land of talented people, once famous throughout the country for traditional pottery, A place to connect clan and neighbor relations with very close, simple and dear memories. The scenery here is peaceful, earnest, beautiful old trees, Tho is the land, Ha is the river. Tho Ha ancient village has three sides bordering the river, like a small island.

Lying peacefully on the poetic Cau river, Tho Ha village has brought with it the unique, rich traditional cultural values, ancient beauty with the imprint of a pure Vietnamese village.

Tho Ha village gate is a famous and beautiful construction in the lower and middle of the Cau River. Around the village gate area, there are hundreds of years old banyan trees. Converging many quintessence of the ancient Vietnamese. There are many ancient houses with elaborate and sophisticated carvings. Many small, ancient and mossy alleys made of baked bricks, ceramics.

Tho Ha communal house is a famous communal house of Kinh Bac, built in 1685. Art researchers consider Tho Ha communal house to be an art museum of ancient Vietnamese architecture. Along with the system of Buddha statues of historical and artistic value, Tho Ha Pagoda also preserves many precious artifacts  which are considered as flower gardens of Buddhism.

Van Chi-The Confucian religious work has existed for over 300 years. In addition to the valuable meaning of honoring Confucian education, Van Chi of Tho Ha is also a place to keep many valuable tangible cultural heritages.

With the unique cultural, historical and artistic values ​​of a village in the Northern Delta, Tho Ha ancient village is a very attractive destination for domestic and international tourists to visit.

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