Tho Ha ancient village – The cradle of ceramics

Speaking of Tho Ha ancient village, one cannot help but mention pottery. It is not difficult to recognize the vestiges of pottery that once “reigned” with pottery hidden on the roofs, walls, and jars around the village. Walking along the pottery village, the riverside houses are designed to be very airy, drawing the cool air from the Cau River, which seems to make the talented hands of the pottery village more energetic. It’s like being lost in another space: cool, familiar and peaceful.

Tho Ha pottery craft developed in the 14th century and is one of the three oldest ceramic centers of the Vietnamese people. According to the genealogy of craft villages and archaeological artifacts found, Tho Ha ancient village is one of the cradles of ceramics. With talented and skilled hands, passed on the secret of making pottery from generation to generation, the potters here make products mainly for daily life.

Tho Ha ancient village has its own unique and rare characteristics: high crockery, waterproof, bell-like sound, smooth, warm and close red-brown glaze color. Ceramic has eternal durability even though it is buried in the ground, immersed in water. The village only made household pottery, famous jars for a while. The pieces of ancient pottery left on the walls are still intact, the soul of the pottery seems to remain forever.

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