Tho Ha ancient village – The land of geniuses

Tho Ha ancient village is considered the land of “terrestrial genius”, caused the good ground circuit to gather there so that there are many sacred vestiges. In the cause of “building and defending the country” for thousands of years of our nation, Tho Ha land has given birth to many talented people, devoting their lives to the cause of national construction and defense. Throughout history, Tho Ha people have always shown their talent and industriousness to overcome thousands of difficulties in building a stable and developing life.

In addition to the famous people, the high-virtue meritorious public servants, there are also the farmers who were gentle, generous, tolerant, hard-working and talented. Speaking of Tho Ha ancient village, one cannot help but mention pottery. It is not difficult to recognize the vestiges of the pottery profession that used to be “glossy for a while” with pottery hidden on the roofs, walls, jars around the village. Tho Ha ancient village pottery with products not only has high practical value, but also has a unique artistic character, imbued with national soul, popular in all regions.

Tho Ha ancient village is also famous for its ancient architectures from houses to village gates, the ancient wells are made of baked bricks and unglazed earthenware. In particular, there are ancient temples and superficial communal houses – a masterpiece of traditional Vietnamese architecture. The ancient beauty in the ancient architectural areas and ancient villages along with the traditional crafts imprinted with the spirit of Tho Ha ancient village countryside have been creating a great attraction for domestic and foreign tourists.

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