Tho Ha communal house – Unique works of art

Along with the flow of time, Tho Ha communal house has brought in its antiquity, rich history with the age of more than 300 years, under the reign of King Le Hy Tong. The communal house symbolizes the spiritual and cultural space of the Vietnamese people with skillful and unique architectural features.

Referring to Tho Ha communal house, people will immediately think of the village’s god, Thai Thuong Lao Quan. According to the village legend, he is from the North, with the surname Ly and the name Dam.

With the merit of killing the enemy Xich Ty Quy, opening a school in the village as well as teaching. Because of such great merit, he was ordained by the king to be the Thuong Dang Thanh and Thanh Hoang Thai Duong. Since then, people have honored him as Thanh Hoang to help bring a peaceful and happy life.

Tho Ha communal house was built with a large area, relatively complete architectural structure. The carvings are in the style of the Le Dynasty, full of unique creativity. The “Tu Linh, Tu Quy” stylized flowers, birds and people are the themes that the architectural elements express. The unique architectural feature is also reflected in details such as the dragon carved…. with themes of mother dragon carrying baby dragon, nest dragon, dragon and maiden,….

Currently, Tho Ha communal house consists of three houses: the front hall, the great communal house and the harem.

The sacrifice located parallel to the great communal house and a few dozen steps away from the great hall. The great communal house is connected to the harem by a pipe space creating the shape of the word Cong.

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