Tho Ha – Heritage village on the Cau River

There is a very special and famous old village on the north bank of the Cau River. Called a village, in the countryside, there is no land for agricultural production, the population density is as high as the city, and the price of rural land is as high as that of the urban area. More specifically, that village is likened to a “heritage village” because of the convergence of many unique tangible and intangible cultural values ​​for many generations, becoming a destination for many tourists.

Tho Ha ancient village has three sides bordering the river, Banyan trees, water wharf, communal house roof and beautiful mossy old houses have attracted many visitors. Tho Ha ancient village is one of the few ancient villages where the cultural institutions here have gone into many cultural studies, into the lyrics that any resident here can remember by heart.

It’s an excerpt from an ancient tuong, a quan ho folk song, an ancient standard festival and even a Ca Tru. And the traditional architectural works bearing the imprint of an original Northern village such as Banyan tree, well, communal courtyard. All have been registered as cultural heritage at the national level. The heritages converge here and then seep into each seam of soil and water, save and spread in the life and soul of each Tho Ha people.

The old houses are as old as many people’s lives; This is a unique village festival in Vietnam. “You have to come here directly to attend village events to see how different, lively and rich it is. In Tho Ha ancient village, there is another rare thing, because traces of the once-glossy pottery profession are still visible in the ancient walls, many houses are built entirely of broken pieces of pottery, not using any mortar, only use the mud of the Cau River to stick it together, but still remain calm and durable through the sun and rain, day and night.

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