Tho Ha – “living museum” of craft village architecture

If Duong Lam ancient village is famous for its “Three- chamber house architecture made of laterite materials of the midland region, Tho Ha ancient village has a typical riverside village style with an old traditional Vietnamese house style. In the golden age, Tho Ha ancient village used to have hundreds of ancient houses. However, at present, only about a dozen hundred-of-year-old houses with unique and strange architecture are preserved.

Walking along the roads from the communal house to the hamlets and alleys of Tho Ha ancient village, people still recognize the popular “fishbone” planning way. In the village, there are still some slanted brick roads, many mossy alleys. The elderly in Tho Ha said that in the past, every evening the gates were locked, at this time the patrol teams took turns on duty to maintain order.

Stepping through Tho Ha village gate is the main parallel road running along the Cau River with narrow alleys piercing to form a unique fishbone shape. The large and small alleys leading into the hamlets take visitors to the old houses of high architectural value with intricately carved patterns.

Does the timeline seem to have forgotten Tho Ha ancient village? Because from the smallest details such as moss-covered bricks, peeled corners of walls to red brick yards covered with dry vermicelli, narrow winding alleys and ancient houses, the house is numbered, along with the red brick wall… all have an undeniable beauty, making the traveler like to embrace every moment.

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