Tho Ha Pagoda National Monument

Based on the inscriptions on the artifacts arranged in the pagoda, it shows that: In 1584 bought a stone dragon; In 1610 the temple was repaired. Thus, Tho Ha ancient village pagoda was built very early.

Tho Ha Pagoda is called Doan Minh Tu having a large scale, including the three-way gate, the steeple and the front hall. Tam Quan pagoda is located next to the communal house. Going through Tam Quan a long way to the bell tower, in front of the temple door there are two stone crocodiles, on the right is a square pagoda stele engraved with words on all four sides. The steeple and the forecourt are beautifully carved with the themes of dragons, clouds, flowers.

In Tho Ha ancient village temple, there is a large Buddha statue of Tathagata, and a statue of Quan Am sitting on a lotus. From the Tam Bao building, follow two rows of corridors to Tien Cave, which is a rare architectural work. Tien cave has fully recorded the image of Shakyamuni from the time he was born, when he was an adult, and when he left the capital and entered the cave to practice to attain enlightenment. Next, go through the large yard to the Ancestral house, which worships the Patriarch and the monks who were abbots at this pagoda.

Along with the system of Buddha statues of historical and artistic value, Tho Ha ancient village Pagoda also preserves many extremely valuable artifacts: Stone stele created in the year of Thinh Duc (1653), crocodile in the 17th century, stone dragon in the 5th year of Dai Chinh (1534). Tho Ha pagoda is likened to a precious jewel, like a brilliant flower of Buddhism.

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