Tho Ha – relic village (Part 2)

  1. The center of ceramics was once shiny: Located on the left bank of Cau River with three sides connecting the river, Tho Ha is like an oasis surrounded by the river. Therefore, Tho Ha people do not cultivate agriculture but mainly live by traditional crafts. Known earliest for its famous pottery. It is one of the three oldest ceramic production centers of the Vietnamese people. (Phu Lang – Bat Trang – Tho Ha). It is the first cradle of pottery in the 14th century.
  2. Village gate, old houses, mossy alleys: Every northern village has at least one village gate. So is Tho Ha. The village gate and 4 temples of 4 hamlets are one of the typical architectural works of the village. Tho Ha village gate is a famous and beautiful construction in the lower and middle of Cau River. Around the village gate area, there are hundreds of years old banyan trees. Tho Ha converges many quintessence of the ancient Vietnamese. There are many large ancient houses with elaborate and sophisticated carvings. Many small, ancient and mossy alleys made of baked bricks, ceramics, sarcophagus…
  3. Tho Ha Festival is a national intangible cultural heritage: Coming to Tho Ha in the beginning of spring, visitors will experience, participate in a special spring festival and be immersed in a cultural space, vivid and colorful tradition, It is Tho Ha Festival – National Intangible Cultural Heritage (Decision No. 5079/QD-BVHTTDL, December 27, 2012. Tho Ha Festival was held on December 27, 2012, January 20, 21, 22 each year). Here you will experience singing Quan Ho all day by Quan Ho artisans, watch Tuong performances, and many exciting folk games: Swinging, Cockfighting, playing chess, wrestling, swimming and catching ducks…
  4. Tho Ha cuisine: In addition to extremely unique tangible and intangible cultural values, Tho Ha is also famous for its rustic, idyllic but rich culinary culture and attractive forms, elaborate processing makes each person who enjoys it will remember forever. These are rice paper cakes, rice paper rolls, rice noodles,….

With the unique cultural, historical and artistic values ​​of a village in the Northern Delta, Tho Ha ancient village is a very attractive destination for domestic and international tourists to visit.

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