Tho Ha – The intact value of Vietnamese villages

Tho Ha ancient village has many intact values, attracting tourists with traditional architectural works such as communal house, shrines, pagoda, Van Chi … Not only can visit the architecture but also famous places for pottery making. Coming to Tho Ha ancient village, you will be able to walk on the village road with ancient banyan trees hugging each other. You will experience a simple but peaceful life of friendly and rustic people. You will enjoy hot tea by the windy riverside, and enjoy the specialty coconut rice cake here.

Tho Ha ancient village not only preserves the traditional features in architecture but also preserves cultural beauty and peace. The quiet space covering the old houses with the typical architecture of the North is an attractive feature for tourists when coming to Tho Ha. Visiting Tho Ha ancient village, in addition to walking around the village, viewing plants and flowers, feeling the friendliness of the local people, visitors also learn about the beliefs of Village’s God worship. Only then we can see the quintessential soul of a Vietnamese village hundreds of years old.

Come to Tho Ha, you will enjoy the peaceful feeling, enjoy the scent of rice paper floating in the cool breeze and listen to the clear sound of the waves lapping to the riverside.

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