Tho Ha – the mark of a famous village in the ancient Kinh Bac land

Coming to Tho Ha ancient village is entering a world of contemplation, charming scenery with banyan trees, water wharf, communal house yard, coming to kind, enthusiastic, hospitable children and fully enjoying the quintessence of heaven and earth.

In the 14th century, Tho Ha ancient village was once one of the most famous centers of Vietnamese pottery making. Tho Ha pottery has its own characteristics such as not being glazed, but using the technique of firing until the glaze of the earth flows out, so the products have high crockery, bell-like sound, smooth and warm reddish-brown glaze color. nowhere has it.

The main road through Tho Ha ancient village  has only one road. From there, branching into each small alley, each alley is narrow, only about 1 – 1.5m as a “specialty” of this countryside rich in cultural traditions. Along each small and narrow alley, only enough for 2 people to walk to avoid each other, the walls are still interlaced with ceramic pieces to create a deep feeling. Each narrow alley is used by people to dry cakes, the cakes are arranged horizontally and vertically, giving Tho Ha ancient village a unique and beautiful scene like a picture.

Experiencing the ups and downs of time, the land of Tho Ha then and now still preserves valuable cultural heritages such as stele, ordination of dynasties, traditional festivals.Tho Ha ancient village not only crystallizes but also shines because of its rich historical culture, but also contributes to the identity of the homeland.

With all the quiet ancient features, a long cultural history and bustling life, Tho Ha is like a bridge connecting the present with the past, a place that attracts many researchers, domestic and foreign tourists come here.

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