Tho Ha – The place where the soul of the ancient Vietnamese village is kept

It is no coincidence that Tho Ha ancient village is known as “the place where the soul of the ancient Vietnamese village is kept”. Over the decades, Tho Ha ancient village has always been appreciated for its cultural space bearing the characteristics of villages in the Red River Delta. The hundred-year-old village still retains its typical rural atmosphere up now. Coming to Tho Ha ancient village is coming to an ancient space. That is also an opportunity to drop your soul into poetic and dreamy things, to slow down and keep your mind calm in the face of life’s storms.

Every time I come to Tho Ha ancient village, I try to walk slowly to experience the idyllic beauty of the village which is typical for the countryside of the North. Not only me, but anyone who visits here can easily see familiar images of Vietnamese villages such as village gates, banyan trees, wells, communal house, and old houses.

Through many generations, amidst the hustle and bustle of urbanization today, Tho Ha ancient village still keeps her soul serene, traditional, shy next to banyan trees, wells, communal roofs, and ancient houses close to the alleys. It seems that it is a rare North Vietnamese village spirit kept in the middle of a bustling and prosperous place without being tinged with dust, discolored, drifting into the past.

The rush of life reminds us to love what belongs to old traditions. Remembering the “golden dust particles” that make up Trang An’s charm, remembering the traditional craft villages that make up the soul of each land, remembering the features of time left in the old mossy walls. Tho Ha ancient village reminds us of all the pure love of homeland.

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