Tho Ha – village gate, old house, mossy alley

Tho Ha ancient village gate is one of the most beautiful village gates in the lower and middle areas of Cau River with ancient architecture with bold features of Northern village architecture. The gate is located in front of Tho Ha ancient village communal house surrounded by ancient trees, the top of the roof of the communal house is curved around a crescent shape, and the corner of the roof has small animals made of old terracotta and burgundy. To the left of the village gate is a large lake, to the right is a hundred-year-old banyan tree.

The characteristic of this ancient village is indispensable for the alleys. The walls instead of bricks are woven with pieces of pottery, sometimes small coffins, jars to create “unique” works. The ceramic walls tinged with time, the small alleys create a different, ancient, mossy Tho Ha. In the past, to fight thieves and robbers, the people made the alleys deep and small. Each gateway has a common gate. The gate is closed with high walls outside, but the inside is warm and friendly.

In those deep alleys, there are hundreds of old houses. For example, the house of Mr. Trinh Dang Mui’s family in hamlet 3. The house is tiled with 5 compartments and 2 wings with large columns of ironwood, shiny tamarind wood as if there was no trace of time. This house has witnessed the growth and maturity of 7 generations in his family.

Tho Ha ancient village has the beauty of an ancient village with charming scenery, one side is a busy river on the wharf under the boat, the other side is majestic ancient trees with many houses tinged with time.

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