Tho Ha village gate – One hundred years of sunshine and rain

Stepping through Tho Ha village gate is to enter a bold Northern space, a wharf with waves of water, an old banyan tree that gives shade all year round, or an ancient mossy roof. Then there are the honest, friendly people of the countryside.

Who has gone through life’s ups and downs, so that after a long journey back to their hometown, they will understand Tho Ha village gate that creates tangible and intangible values. Behind the village gate is the integration of the village community and family. These are the common features of customs and habits and also the unique cultural features that no village is the same.

In the soul of every villager, the image of the village gate is very dear. There are many traces of childhood on the body of the gate, those are the hot summer afternoons children come here to play. Tho Ha village is as smooth as a mat for the children of the village, lounging around waiting for their mother to return from markets. Then on a cool, windy moon night, young men and women go on a date and send their love at the village gate. It is also a place to stop to place the heavy burden of rice on the shoulders of farmers, to ease the hardships of the day.

Through the centuries, in front of countless harshness of nature, people, Tho Ha village gates still stand there, silent with bamboo, country roads, blaring folk songs. Somewhere, often buzzing with old stories, thrilling and fascinating legends.

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