Tho Ha village with ancient Tuong art

These three gods in Tho Ha ancient village, depending on the concept in each period, there is a shift in the legend. in

In the villages of the North, very few places still maintain the ancient art of tuong. However, in Tho Ha village, ancient tuong is still considered a cultural “specialty” of the village. Although it has gone through many ups and downs, it is still respected and preserved by generations of people in Tho Ha village. Tho Ha people have long defaulted to the saying: “No tuong can’t become a festival” (without tuong, there’s no festival), there was a village festival that means performing tuong. Therefore, every year the village opens its festival on January 20 and 21, it organizes closed-door performances both nights, and a large number of local and foreign audiences come to enjoy it.

Tuong “artists” in real life are farmers who work year-round with the professions of making rice paper rolls, raising pigs and making traditional wine, but when they step on stage, they transform into professional roles like actors and actresses. real artist.

Tuong costume art in Tho Ha village has strict conventions, so that the character’s personality and virtues are expressed. In which, the most difficult is to show the face. Actors dressed up according to some common patterns, “middle” roles with red face, long beard; shoulder “flatter” face, short beard; white face is a calm person; the black slanted face is a traitor; red spots on both sides of the temples is a hot-tempered person; plow face is a short, cowardly person. Not only appearing on the stage, the tuong characters are also a “highlight” in the procession ceremony of the annual Tho Ha Festival, in which there are more than twenty stunts with elaborate makeup such as: Chess General, Total Sword, Tam Da, Tien Dong, Ngoc Nu…

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