Tho Ha village’s spring day playing calligraphy

From the 20th of December to the 9th of the first lunar month, the monks of the Han Nom Calligraphy Club in Tho Ha village go out to the Tho Ha communal house to give their letters. That image has created a unique space, contributing to making the atmosphere of Tet more spring. This unique custom is not only respecting knowledge, but also expressing the wish of the player to wish for a year of happiness, fortune, and long life.

In order to have a calligraphy that when the viewer looks at each word like a phoenix dancing a dragon with soaring strokes, when hidden and opaque, the pen is free to reach clarity without seeing any absence or opaqueness. not feel heavy… is not an easy thing. The special thing that creates the beauty of the hobby of calligraphy is the scene where the writer and the beggar are both attentive and passionate about each stroke of the dragon flying phoenix dancing. For a calligrapher in Tho Ha village, there is no greater joy than seeing the audience feel and read their emotions in the work. People who come to ask for letters only pay a little bit of paper and ink, but the letters are written as gifts, not sold.

Along with all things in harmony with the spring colors of heaven and earth, the calligraphy lines that the monks here send words and ideas in couplets and New Year’s greetings are also one of the spiritual gifts representing the wishes of the beginning of the year. Therefore, the art of calligraphy has long become an indispensable cultural beauty in the traditional New Year day of the people of Tho Ha village, Van Ha commune in particular and the Vietnamese people in general.

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