Timeless beauty in Tho Ha pottery village

The village is located along the flow of the North bank of Cau River, three sides are immense rivers, Tho Ha village appears as a small island. Visitors to Tho Ha village or Tho Ha people coming out of the village mostly have to take a boat.

Because of that feature, coming to Tho Ha village, we feel more clearly the romance, floating like being lost in the ancient Quan Ho region with the scenery on the wharf, under the boat and the smooth Quan Ho melody that captivates people’s hearts.

The earliest known for its famous pottery profession near and far, Tho Ha ancient village was once one of the three oldest ceramic centers of the Vietnamese people, the first cradle of ceramics.  is famous throughout Kinh Bac for its quality, firing technique, color and sophistication.

Ancient features carved into the shape of the countryside from the narrow alleyway to the banyan tree, water wharf, communal yard. All of them exude an old, mossy and captivating charm. Arriving, we will be overwhelmed right in front of Tho Ha village gate with beautiful, superficial and ancient architecture, which is one of the most beautiful gates in the lower and middle areas of Cau River.

Following an interesting step-by-step approach, visitors will see a number of ancient houses built over 100 years ago, typical for the old houses of the Northern Delta architecture.


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