Trang An is as beautiful as a poem

Different from the bustle of the city or the crowdedness of the sea, Trang An near Tam Coc Ninh Binh is nestled in the gentle beauty

Different from the bustle of the city or the crowdedness of the sea, Trang An near Tam Coc Ninh Binh is nestled in the gentle beauty of green mountains. The quiet and contemplative natural beauty at the same time has made many people come to Trang An, once coming will want to come again. Located 90 km south of Hanoi, Trang An is an outstanding tourist destination not only in Vietnam but also in Southeast Asia and the world. Trang An landscape complex is located in Hoa Lu, Gia Vien, Nho Quan districts, Tam Diep town, Ninh Binh city. Along with the mountains dating back more than 250 years, this place also carries the breath of time and the historical imprint of the first capital of the central feudal state of Vietnam.

In addition to the mountainous terrain,…

In addition to the mountainous terrain, Trang An also has a system of valleys and swamps connected by underground streams. The diversity of topography helps this place to preserve the lush vegetation intact. With an area of more than 6,000 hectares, Trang An becomes close by natural beauty, and attracted by the fresh green space. Going along the oars, gently surfing on the blue water, the small boat will take visitors to admire the beauty of Trang An near Tam Coc Ninh Binh. Immediately striking visitors’ eyes is the majestic scenery of limestone mountains rising between the two sides of the road. The mountains embrace the whole space here, the tops have sharp peaks, the tops are gentle. The silhouette of the high mountain is imprinted on the water surface, making the water seem to be covered with green color.

In the middle of the entrance, the green branches drop their leaves to the surface of the water. The golden sunlight penetrates far from the leaves into the water, making the scene more shimmering. The boat drifts gently to help visitors see the creatures lying below the clear water. The green algae growing luxuriantly on the bottom swaying in the water that visitors can easily reach out to touch. And every school of carp swimming around. Going deeper inside, visitors will experience different levels of emotions when going through successive caves near Tam Coc Ninh Binh. Each cave will bring a different beauty and legend.

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