Traveling on Chay Bac Ha river

Sapa Vietnam. After that, blocking the dam to make Coc Ly hydropower reservoir, losing water,

Previously, the village was invested in developing community-based tourism to create jobs for our homestays and boatmen near Sapa Vietnam. After that, blocking the dam to make Coc Ly hydropower reservoir, losing water, losing stream, no one came, we lost our job, only knew how to farm. Now, blocking the Bao Nhai hydroelectric dam, stabilizing the stream, the scenery of Hang Tien and Trung Do village by the beautiful Chay river has attracted many visitors, and the people are happy to return to their profession and earn an income.

Currently, in Bao Nhai and Coc Ly communes near Sapa Vietnam, there are 20 boats in operation to take tourists to experience, each boat has a maximum capacity of 10 guests. All boats are equipped with life jackets. Visitors will experience sitting on a boat to enjoy the river about 3km, travel time is about 30 minutes. The price of each boat is 500,000 VND (including the outbound and return trips). After the river viewing experience on the boat, visitors can bathe in the cool water; prepare your own lunch with take-away snacks right at the riverside

With beautiful and poetic scenery, clear and cool water of the Chay River near Sapa Vietnam, the cruise experience on Chay River is becoming an attractive destination for people and tourists and to protect the tourist environment, those who do tourism. also recommend that people and tourists when visiting and experiencing need to have a sense of common hygiene, do not throw waste into the river; Always wear a life jacket when the boat is moving to prevent drowning.

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