Treasures in the ancient village of Tho Ha

Tho Ha village is like an old citadel because of its high-burnt brick walls. Over hundreds of years, layers of green moss covered the places where the walls fell. Hidden behind that wall are the old houses – the most valuable asset of the Tho Ha people.

According to historical documents handed down, the ancient houses in Tho Ha ancient village were built 300-400 years ago. Experiencing many lives, the current owners of those old houses cannot remember the exact time of construction. They only know that when they were born, they saw an ironwood house with stone steps. These houses often come with stone steps and a large stone placed in the middle of the house, symbolizing the eternity of the ancient Vietnamese. In the old houses in Tho Ha ancient village, what is often seen is the stone tables in the middle. The table is drawn in the shape of a chessboard, if you sit vertically, you can play chess, if you sit horizontally, you can play Go.

In addition, in order to increase the luxury as well as cultural beauty, the ancient skillful craftsmen carved the four spirits on the “first hand” of the house. Those patterns represent the owner’s desire for prosperity and wealth.

Time has made those ancient cultural features become priceless treasures. Many people have come to Tho Ha ancient village wanting to buy back old houses at any price. However, no one dares to sell the treasures left by his father, so it is okay for guests to visit and admire, but asking for a sale is considered a violation.

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