Trekking 15km Hau Thao forest road near Sapa Vietnam

The trekking session made my experience at Hau Thao more memorable. It is no longer a normal trip but also a way for each person to slow down

After ordering things at the homestay and having breakfast, we came to the main itinerary of the trip: Trekking 15km of forest road from Hau Thao deep into the forest. 15km of forest road is not too long for a trekking route, But for young people in the city who sit and work at a computer 8 hours a day in the office, it is indeed a challenge. However, this is the most worth trying experience for us so far! Going deep into the forest from Hau Thao commune Sapa Vietnam, there are mostly places that only the Mong people here know.

These are places that do not have names or specific addresses on the map, but these places possess a wild, majestic beauty that is overwhelming! Right from the first steps, we admired the simplicity of Hau Thao. We feel the intact beauty of the Northwest mountains, the fresh and cool air. October in Hau Thao has passed the rice harvest season, the sun is still golden on the fields and roads around the village. On the trekking route, we met children playing on swings in the village.

With just a few large bamboo sticks piled up

With just a few large bamboo sticks piled up, a large swing is placed right next to the rice field. The girls and their friends in colorful national costumes played happily on the swings, their crisp laughter echoed throughout the village in Sapa Vietnam, dispelling the fatigue of daily life. We also tried the swing. For those who are not familiar, this is like a thrilling game, when the whole body seems to be flying in mid-air, then slowly lowers. Just like that, the majestic natural scenery of mountains and forests, misty mountain peaks, and successive terraced fields are captured into view every time the whole person is swung up high.

Continuing our journey, we went through the road through the rice fields. October is not the most beautiful time for rice fields in Hau Thao, but that does not make the trekking experience boring. Ms. Sue – a Mong woman who accompanied us, told us about the tree species along the way. It is interesting to discover and experience learning about the flax plant – a plant that is not only closely associated with the lives of the Mong people but also has many economic values. Flax is used by people to weave fabric and make natural colors for clothes.

Going through the rice fields

Going through the rice fields, we reached the slopes to enter the waterfalls deep in the forest. For the Mong people, waterfalls are a place to cool off on hot summer days. For tourists, waterfalls are like white silk strips that create intense vitality for people and plants in the Northwest region. The feeling of drinking coffee at the foot of the waterfall is also very different. With the sound of the waterfall and the gurgling stream under your feet, the cup of coffee seems to taste even better. We soaked in the cool spring water to cool our drinks. With just a few simple handheld coffee makers, we had a quick picnic at the foot of the waterfall.

The trekking session made my experience at Hau Thao more memorable. It is no longer a normal trip but also a way for each person to slow down, take time for themselves, return to nature and enjoy in a gentle, relaxing way. Hau Thao – the most pristine wild land. Trekking in Hau Thao in Sapa Vietnam is an experience worth trying, so you can immerse yourself in the natural landscape, heaven and earth as well as have more opportunities to explore the mountainous ethnic identity.

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