Turning heritage into property

The story is juicy, revolving around how to improve the quality of tourism services in each Giay family in Sapa Vietnam; from preserving cultura

The story is juicy, revolving around how to improve the quality of tourism services in each Giay family in Sapa Vietnam; from preserving cultural identities, customs and practices, to keeping houses and villages clean; Then make brocade by hand, cook ethnic dishes from home garden materials to attract and retain tourists, especially foreigners to stay. Ta Van in the local language is “big arc”. Indeed, the Giay houses “hang” on the bow-shaped mountainside, embracing the clear blue Muong Hoa stream, winding around the magnificent terraced fields. Community-based tourism is a type for tourists who like to explore, experience and learn about the customs and habits of local people; they will eat, sleep at the homestay, live and work with the people, to discover the unique indigenous culture, so it has its own charm.

Arriving at Ta Van in Sapa Vietnam

Arriving at Ta Van in Sapa Vietnam, we encountered groups of foreign tourists visiting the agricultural production area of terraced fields, the scenic Muong Hoa stream, or the traditional craft of weaving flax, dyeing indigo, and painting beeswax on them. brocade, … according to the introduction of the local “guides”. Here, they experience the feeling of being “true citizens” of this land. Polin Inledam, a French tourist, shared: “Our family chose the “three together” tour so that we could stay at a homestay in the village and learn about the culture and customs. their regions”. We visited the homestay tourist destination of Mrs.

Ly Thi Ly’s family, Ta Van Giay 2 village, Ms. Ly confided: “Doing a homestay tourism in the true sense of the word is not simple. With this type of tourism, services, accommodations, meals are not too big of a problem, because tourists choose “homestay” ie accept minimum material conditions; The most important thing is to make them feel comfortable, enjoy the life and unique culture of the land where they come from”.

Chairman of Ta Van Commune

Chairman of Ta Van Commune People’s Committee Le Manh Hao said that Ta Van Giay 1 homestay cluster is one of five homestay clusters in Vietnam that won the ASEAN award. Currently, there are about 150 households living in the locality, more than 50 households have registered as a model of community tourism (homestay), each house can accommodate from 10 to 20 people, on average in peak season, every day. Serves from 200 to 300 guests. The price for a night stay at Ta Van is quite cheap, ranging from 100 to 150 thousand VND, depending on the room class. However, there are also high-class accommodations built by businesses, costing up to more than 1 million VND/night.

In addition to staying overnight, the Giay people in Ta Van also ensure that visitors enjoy the unique features of ethnic cuisine and cultural performances such as fan dance, tube singing, folk singing… tourists and promote the potential, strengths of climate, landscape, cultural identity of ethnic minorities, Sapa Vietnam focuses on investing in developing the type of community tourism, towards villages and people. population, community.

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