Under the porch

As a way to encourage and reassure myself, Dad is still here, with his mother and children, in his own home in Tho Ha ancient village

The small house in Tho Ha ancient village has a porch. So many memories under the eaves that I can’t forget. On that day, when spring came, I sat on the porch to warm up. Remind my heart to remember, remember that I had a childhood sitting in the sun on the porch.

Three summers later, the small porch clings to green moss on the tiled roof. The roof tile is red and the moss is green. The two red and blue colors overlap each other like gray. Time passed by with a gray color covering each other.

As soon as the lotus fades, autumn arrives in Tho Ha ancient village, the porch leaning in the golden afternoon sun. Mother told me to dry the rice in the season. Mom still has to go to the field early. The confetti on the porch indifferently dropped a few purple petals.

Winter rushes to visit Tho Ha ancient village, bringing with it the cold of the North wind. In winter night, my sister and I lay by my mother’s side. The wind whistled through the gap in the eaves. Then the wind flew up high as the bamboo ramparts at the beginning of the alley touched each other.

Spring is coming again. The falling rain covered the eaves. The old bougainvillea tree on the porch has bloomed with purple spring petals. Mother sat wrapping banh chung on New Year’s Day, listening to the bustling sound of the new spring in the New Year’s Eve firecrackers. We were all excited. The whole spring color is dense, passionate, and fresh.

Time hastily passed, memories glitter but no one can touch it. We grew up in Tho Ha ancient village, only our memories remain intact. Season after season without appointment but will return. Only the porch there watching time go by and never come back.

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