Unique culture of the Dao people in Ta Phin

Dao people... also contribute to attracting visitors from far away when visiting this land. In Sapa Vietnam,

Ta Phin village is a densely populated village of the Red Dao ethnic group with many unique traditions that are loved by many tourists. Sapa is famous for its shimmering, unique and poetic scenery. The ripe rice seasons, the flower petals, the spread dances and the traditional culture of the Dao people… also contribute to attracting visitors from far away when visiting this land. In Sapa Vietnam, 3 ethnic groups Hmong, Dao Do and Giay make up the largest number. Each ethnic group has its own unique culture and attracts tourists from far away. In particular, Ta Phin village is a crowded village of Red Dao ethnic people with many unique traditions chosen by many tourists as a destination in a cheap Sapa tour.

Ta Phin is about 12km from Sa Pa town,…

Ta Phin is about 12km from Sa Pa town, the road to the village is winding, zigzag, rugged and has many steep slopes. Setting foot at the top of the village, visitors will encounter the friendly smiles of innocent and innocent highland children as well as the affectionate greetings of the indigenous people. The traditional costumes of the Red Dao in Sapa Vietnam people are very colorful. Red Dao men often keep their hair long and then bun it on the nape of the neck or tuck it on the head. Casual wear is short or long clothes with indigo, black color.

The costumes of Red Dao women are more diverse because of the concept that a beautiful outfit must include 5 colors and red is the main color. From clothes, scarves to belts, hats are knitted and woven by the hands of Red Dao women. The complete set of clothes, including clothes, hat, scarf, belt, shoes and leggings wrapped around the legs is called “Huy Long”.

One point worth noting:…

One point worth noting: The Red Dao people do not have their own script, but use the language of Daoized Chinese characters, also known as Nom Dao characters, and their language is the H’Mong – Dao system. The Red Dao people are famous for their medicinal leaf bath service, which is very good for health. Tourists traveling to Sapa Vietnam all come here to enjoy this herbal bath service with more than 10 different types of tobacco, sometimes up to 120 types of tobacco. Bathing with medicinal leaves is a typical custom of the Red Dao people with the concept of curing muscle, bone, joint pain or flu, itching and constipation, helping to strengthen women after giving birth, people after being sick, and hard workers. The remedy is not only a method of health care but also an element constituting the cultural identity of the Dao people.

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