Unique dishes of the Tay people in Ban Ho commune

Vang A Sin's family, Ban Den village, Ban Ho commune to cook and enjoy the traditional dishes of our nation with

The Tay ethnic minority village in Sapa Vietnam possesses a wild beauty, with terraced fields winding around the mountainside, with a soft stream. This place also has delicious and beautiful dishes, leaving many unique and unforgettable aftertaste in the hearts of any visitor when arriving. On a beautiful day in the cold autumn weather, we went to Mr. Vang A Sin’s family, Ban Den village, Ban Ho commune to cook and enjoy the traditional dishes of our nation with his family.

The dishes are quite simple, natural products of the mountains and forests: bamboo shoots, banana flowers, flowers and young papaya leaves, etc., and the processing is quite sophisticated. These are ingredients that are available in nature or in the home garden. As a result, the dishes are both delicious and clean, fresh and without any adulteration. To get raw materials for processing dishes, the Tay people have to go to the forest and down to the stream to earn money.

The most elaborately processed dishes

The most elaborately processed dishes are 7-color sticky rice of the Tay in Sapa Vietnam. The ingredients for coloring are all taken from home garden plants such as: purple made from sticky rice leaves, red color also has red leaves, green color made from sedge or ginger leaves, yellow color from turmeric, color Gray from the ashes of glutinous rice straw burned and mixed with some other spices….

The leaves are boiled or pounded to get the colored water mixed with rice and then there are 7 colors of white, red, purple, blue, yellow, gray and light purple. Especially, sticky rice is wrapped with banana leaves, giving off a warm aroma, which will increase the atmosphere especially warm when there are precious guests as well as holidays and New Year.

I was impressed that the duck cooked with sour bamboo shoots was quite attractive by the sour taste of bamboo shoots, the aroma of doi seeds and the delicious sweetness of duck meat. For the Tay Ban Ho, no matter how hearty the meal is, it is still indispensable for a simple dish to go with that wine, which is fried chicken intestines with flowers and young papaya leaves. The cooking method is quite simple. The main ingredients are chicken intestines, flowers and young papaya leaves, chili peppers (chili often choose the green ones). The chili is stir-fried first with lard, followed by the intestines. When it’s close, seasoning then adding flowers and papaya leaves is a very strange dish. Coming to Sapa Vietnam, do not miss a day to explore the Tay village in Ban Ho and enjoy the specialties here.

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