Unique features from the way of making and special ingredients

Products of Gia Thuy pottery village near Tam Coc Ninh Binh are mainly rustic products such as pots, jars, jars, vases,

Products of Gia Thuy pottery village near Tam Coc Ninh Binh are mainly rustic products such as pots, jars, jars, vases, ceramic plates with all kinds of patterns, the landscape of Vietnamese countryside is shown naturally and delicately through the table. skillful and meticulous hands of the artisans here. Mr. Dung said that the craft village basically produces unglazed jars and crockery, which is different from other places in that all products are spontaneous yeast.

Each product is the result of hard work and creativity, the result of a team that includes many different stages, soaked in sweat and efforts of the craftsmen of the craft village. Each brushstroke bears bold imprints of the region and the life of the people of the North. Not as polished as Bat Trang pottery, Gia Thuy pottery is rustic, sincere, full of human soul, earth soul. The characteristic, what makes Gia Thuy pottery different from other traditional pottery villages is the unique way of making and source of raw materials.

Talking about the characteristics of the raw materials,…

Talking about the characteristics of the raw materials, the ceramic products of the craft village are all made from yellow-brown clay, which has high adhesion, smoothness and good heat resistance. The soil, when taken back, will be dried, pounded and then put into the soaking tank, all the soil is soaked in two large tanks outside the entrance gate. Then, the potter will use a stirrer and then scoop the filter through the sieve, proceed to decant the water above, take the solidified soil and then bring it out to dry, until the soil is flexible enough to bring it out.

The drying of the soil is an extremely important step, requiring workers to be very careful, because if the soil is too dry or too wet, it will be difficult to shape the product as desired. In another house were women busy with turntables and clay. Seeing the potter twirling each piece of clay on the stone, I found it strange, so I wondered. Ms. Vu Thi Xuyen, a longtime ceramic artist in the craft village near Tam Coc Ninh Binh, is shaping a new jar on a turntable. Despite her advanced age, she works very skillfully, her hands are quick and light but still strong enough to create a suitable bottom. As she worked hard, she pointed to a nearby earthworker and spoke.

Every step in the process of making pottery is important,…

Every step in the process of making pottery is important, even the work of the other land. Don’t look at it and see that it’s simple, the job requires toughness, endurance, the soil must be at the right level, not too dry or too wet, so it’s easy to mold jars and jars… For many years, since childhood, he has been friends with the country near Tam Coc Ninh Binh, then when he grew up, his parents gave him a job to earn a living. Although the work is tiring, it is hard, but if you don’t do it, you feel that something is missing, you can’t stop it…

The feeding of firewood into the kiln is also very important. In order to produce a beautiful and quality product that according to people in the profession like Mr. Dung, it must be a product that is “ripe enough, yellow ceramic, even in color”, the firing stage of the product plays a decisive role. If during the firing process, the worker does not adjust the fire, adjust the appropriate temperature, the product will warp, warp or crack…

Each batch of pottery takes up to a month, from the stage of taking the soil, beating, soaking the soil to shaping, molding and sharpening the pottery, and finally the last stage is full of difficulties and pains when entering the kiln. All of the above processes require the workers and artisans in a pottery kiln to be persistent, persistent, and help each other to produce a traditional product with the best quality.

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