Unique naming ceremony of Red Dao people in Sapa

From birth to adulthood, the Red Dao in Sapa Vietnam have to go through 3 naming times. The first time is on the day the baby turns 1 month old

From birth to adulthood, the Red Dao in Sapa Vietnam have to go through 3 naming times. The first time is on the day the baby turns 1 month old, the second time when the child is 15 – 16 years old, the third time is on the day of marriage (marriage). The Red Dao consider naming an important thing in human life. The naming of the Red Dao is also related to the ancestors and the hierarchy of the family. Each family line is named in order and rank to distinguish between family members, each rank must go through 5 generations to return once to name.

Therefore, when naming names, families and clans carefully consider the order in their family lines, then perform a ceremony to ask permission of the “ban king” ancestors, not to have the same name as the ancestors (including those who are not named after the ancestors). passed away from 5 generations back).

The naming ceremony…

The naming ceremony is conducted through many different rituals, each taking place from 2-3 days in Sapa Vietnam. The celebrant is 2 shamans, one main and one auxiliary, the 2 shamans must be from the same family as the child’s family, knowledgeable about customs, gentle, with many good qualities; those who assist the ceremony must be seniors, knowledgeable about their ethnic customs and habits.

At the naming ceremony, in addition to the 2 shamans and the ceremony assistants, they also have to find 6 young people (3 men, 3 women) who have not yet been married and who are smart and agile young people who know the songs in response to practice. show the songs in response to the naming ceremony. Along with singing and responding, there are dances (magic dances). The dance team of 5-7 people (maybe more) are young, healthy, and beautiful young men and women, dance movements take place according to each ritual when requested by the shaman.

In the ceremony in Sapa Vietnam

In the ceremony in Sapa Vietnam, the child is named with the grandfather and the members of the dance team must wear new clothes with colorful patterns, a red cloth belt, and a parrot-shaped scarf on the head (for men). , women wear red scarf in the traditional style. At the end of the ceremony, the main shaman changes the clothes to green, the named child must also change the clothes according to the progress of each ritual. The offerings used in the naming ceremony include: 4 pigs from 20 to 60 kg/head (depending on the conditions of each family), 20 sticky rice cakes, 5 liters of wine.

Two pigs shaved off their hair to make offerings to ancestors and gods and a little money from the underworld; The remaining 2 pigs served as treats for everyone to attend and witness the naming ceremony of the child. Of the three naming times of the Red Dao, the second naming is the official name commonly used in family and social communication. The name in the 3rd laying ceremony is only used when making offerings or when dying, descendants use this name to call the soul back to worship.

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