Van Chi of Tho Ha – The Confucian religious work has existed for over 300 years

Van Chi of Tho Ha worships Confucius, registers to worship 70 sages in the locality. This religious building was built in the 17th century and has been restored through many stages. The architectural elements carved with flowers and leaves, embossed shapes, and carved art are mainly in the style of the Nguyen Dynasty in the 19th century.

In the harem, there is a statue of Confucius, worshiping 70 local Confucian sages who passed through the ages. Here, there are still great pictures of Chinese characters with the meaning of Confucian philosophy: Super Heaven Ancient, Peace of national resource.

In addition to the valuable meaning of honoring Confucian education, the Van Chi of Tho Ha is also a place to keep many valuable tangible cultural heritages such as: 07 stone steles in the Le and Nguyen dynasties that record the construction of Literature and names of Confucian sages born in the village passed through the ages.

Twice a year, Tho Ha ancient village organizes sacrifices and offers incense at Van Chi to commemorate Confucius and the village’s Confucian sages. On the day of the festival, in addition to reading Confucius literature, the writer must write down the full names of 70 Confucian sages and sages of Tho Ha ancient village that were inscribed on the stone stele into the text.

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