Village love in Tho Ha

Over many generations, the proverb “Distant relatives do not pass through close neighbors” has remained valid in the Tho Ha ancient village. The love, the rich meaning in the village built by our forefathers for many generations has illuminated for our children and grandchildren today to continue to preserve and promote.

Since ancient times, the people of Tho Ha ancient village have had a tradition of solidarity, mutual love and affection. Whether in wartime or peacetime, that fine tradition is still preserved and promoted. The saying that the village’s love for the village “when the fire turns off the lights together” has been crystallized in the process of working and living of the people here. Despite being poor in material things, love and meaning are full of every person in the ancient village of Tho Ha.

Today, the village love is still preserved and expressed by the people of the ancient village of Tho Ha as a traditional beauty of the village. A rustic beauty, simple but full of human love.

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