Visiting Tho Ha village, Listening to the real Quan Ho

Ancient Quan Ho in Kinh Bac region has been recognized by UNESCO as an intangible cultural heritage since 2009, since then, through many forms of conservation and transmission, the vitality of Quan Ho has been spreading through generations. the people of their homeland. There is an old saying that “When you come to Tho Ha ancient village, you will listen to Quan Ho”.

The Quan Ho they sing are not the tip of the tongue, but the expression of their heart, the hospitality and the sentiment of the singer. The Quan Ho of Tho Ha village sounds rustic but salty and loving. The basic thing of singing Quan Ho in Tho Ha is to sing in the inner voice, still take the breath of the dantian, not to sing the outside voice, but to sing the real voice, to convey the full meaning of the song and the necessity of the quan ho singing technique. like reverberation, rumble, background, bouncing. The technique of singing let go of sentences, release words, and sing with lust.

The singing of Quan Ho Tho Ha always retains the special things of Quan Ho, which is singing but like the heart, like experiencing one’s own feelings, experiencing the love that doesn’t care about rain or shine, far away, to find each other, to express things that have not been done.

Those clear Quan Ho sentences were sung, the sound reverberated, echoing the voice of the heart, faintly listening to the rustic soul of the banyan tree, the water wharf, the communal yard. Although life has many ups and downs, Quan Ho is indispensable in the hearts of Tho Ha people.

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