Where is the best place to eat Thang Co

If you have the opportunity to travel to Sapa Vietnam and want to enjoy delicious Thang Co in the right way, you should not miss the

If you have the opportunity to travel to Sapa Vietnam and want to enjoy delicious Thang Co in the right way, you should not miss the following addresses: Hai Lam Sapa Restaurant at 72 Luong Dinh Cua: This restaurant specializes in serving hot pot dishes. and dishes about white horse with bold flavor of Northwest mountains, along with Sapa wine. Especially, ThangCo dish at Hai Lam restaurant is very popular with tourists not only with its unique taste but also reasonable price, spacious and airy space. Sapa Cau May Restaurant at 92 Ngu Chi Son Street: Eating delicious thang co in Sapa cannot be missed at this famous address, ThangCo is modified with many unique ingredients and tastes suitable for visitors.

In addition,…

In addition, the restaurant also serves other Sapa Vietnam specialties such as: sticky rice with ant eggs, pigeon hotpot, smoked duck breast salad,… Especially, this best Thang Co restaurant in Sapa has a large 2-storey space. Suitable for large groups of people to enjoy eating. A Phu Sapa Restaurant at 15 Fan Xi Pang: The restaurant specializes in serving Northwest specialties, famous for its delicious food, reasonable prices and a wide variety of delicious wines.

The restaurant serves more than 100 specialty dishes throughout the regions, including the most delicious Thang Co in Sapa. Thang Co A Quynh restaurant at 15 Thach Son street: Specializes in mountain specialties, owns a spacious, cozy space, and an easy-to-find location. In addition to Thang Co, you can also enjoy specialties such as grilled pork, lentils, bear skewers, fried porcupines, …

Thang Co Quanh Sapa Restaurant at 88 Ngu Chi Son Street: The owner is Sapa, so this restaurant specializes in serving Sapa specialties including Thang Co. In addition, the restaurant also serves many other Northwest dishes such as stir-fried horse with guise leaves, black chicken, crispy fried stream fish, wild vegetable salad, five-color sticky rice… Thangco at quan is made from buffalo meat. beef, pork and delicious spices such as doi seeds, lemongrass, cardamom… In addition, you can enjoy ThangCo at the fairs of Sapa Vietnam, Bac Ha market, Muong Hum market. Coc Ly market. This is also one of the unique features of Sapa cuisine, with bowls of thangco, men men and corn wine.

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