Bavaria travel experience

Bavaria tourism has never disappointed visitors thanks to its rich landscape from majestic mountains to vast rivers and lakes

Bavaria tourism has never disappointed visitors thanks to its rich landscape from majestic mountains to vast rivers and lakes. This place also owns many ancient buildings built in the 6th century that still exist today. So how to move to Bavaria? What are the famous landmarks here? Discover the entire Bavarian travel experience in the following article.

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Reasons to travel to Bavaria

Bavaria is located in the middle of romantic Europe and is a famous land that attracts millions of visitors each year. Below are some common reasons why traveling to Bavaria is always the goal of many travelers:

Magnificent natural landscape: Bavaria was chosen as the place with the most attractive destinations in Germany thanks to the rich combination of natural and man-made landscapes. This place has poetic villages and gorgeous towns that are hundreds of years old such as Klais, Fussen, Mittenwald, etc. In addition, you can also visit many majestic high mountains, wide rivers and lakes. large, natural forest,…

Many works have cultural and historical value: This place is known for more than 100,000 works from ancient to modern, more than 40 famous theaters, 1200 museums,… helping visitors easily learn about history. local history and culture.

Diverse cuisine: Germany is famous for its beer and many side dishes that many tourists enjoy such as dumplings, veal sausages, meatballs, Obazda, etc. You definitely have to experience the snack at least once. with beer and enjoy the charming natural scenery when traveling to Bavaria.

Ideal time to visit Bavaria

The climate in Bavaria is quite mild and pleasant, each season has its own characteristics, so you can explore Bavaria all year round. In spring, Bavaria becomes more vibrant, visitors can choose to sightsee, walk in the neighborhoods to easily shop and enjoy the fresh spring weather. The warmer climate in summer is suitable for many activities close to nature. Most tourists often choose to move to suburban areas, visit rivers, lakes and national parks to sightsee, camp, and explore majestic landscapes.

Fall is chilly but pleasant, bringing a feeling of relaxation and rest suitable for long vacations. In addition, you will also have the opportunity to experience the famous Oktoberfest beer festival that takes place every October. Bavaria’s winter turns to white snow, many activities such as skiing, ice skating, etc. attract tourists to this land.

Means of transportation when traveling to Bavaria

Bavaria is developed with many modern and convenient means of transportation for tourists. Most tourists choose public transportation because of convenient routes to many famous landmarks and economical costs. Check out the suggestions below with Nowtadi:

Train: The train includes many routes to different destinations with modern infrastructure. Visitors should buy a Bayernticket (from Deutsche Bahn) to conveniently go anywhere in Bavaria in one day. The ticket allows traveling in groups (maximum 5 people).

Bus: Buses help tourists move quickly within the city, with flexible stops within the city. Schedules, ticket prices,… are updated online on the websites,,… or at the bus station.

Train, S-Bahn or U-Bahn: Subway (U-Bahn) or overground train (S-Bahn) systems, modern trams, move quickly. Vehicles that focus on passenger experience should invest in clean and modern equipment and interiors.

Taxi: Taxi prices can be high but are suitable for suburban or night trips. Booking a taxi is quite simple and quick, visitors just need to save the hotlines of a few reputable car companies such as Europe Shuttle, Tegelberg Bahn, Daetz-Service,… or contact the cars parked on the roadside in tourist areas. .

Accommodation in Bavaria

Bavaria is a tourist land, so the services and accommodation locations here are quite diverse. Munich and Nuremberg are two cities that many tourists choose to stay in when coming to Bavaria thanks to their diverse services and amenities, and room prices are strictly controlled to protect the interests of tourists. You can also choose a homestay or hotel in more traditional villages to experience a new feeling, closer to old German culture such as in the towns of Fussen, Klais, Mittenwald or Garmisch.

Accommodation facilities are fully updated with information by many tour providers or on booking applications such as Booking, Agoda, Expedia, etc. Refer to some of the following facilities:

Splendid Dollman Hotel in Munich
Elch Hotel in Nuremberg
Agneshof Hotel in Nuremberg
Munich Palace Hotel in Munich

Things to try in Bavaria

Bavaria has a unique culture, largely due to its Catholic heritage. Bavarians are traditionally proud of their culture, including language, cuisine, architecture, and festivals.

Bavarian cuisine represents a cooking style typical of Bavaria, Germany, which includes many meat and potato dishes, and often uses wheat flour in its dishes. Due to the rural conditions and cold climate, only crops such as sugar beets and potatoes grow well in Bavaria, which are staples in the German diet.

Munich Weißwurst is perhaps one of Bavaria’s most famous specialties. Veal and pork sausages as well as other ingredients and seasonings. Traditionally, they are prepared and eaten in the morning as a snack at markets and restaurants.

Bayerische Schweinshaxe

– Bavarian grilled pork leg. This hearty dish is incredibly satisfying with its crispy, fatty crust and can be eaten on bread or with mashed potatoes, gravy and red cabbage.


– Roast pork with Knödel(dumplings) is a must-try dish for true Bavarians, because it is clearly one of the culinary traditions of the people here. For roast pork, the meat is usually taken from the neck, shoulder or back area of the pig and has a characteristic dark sauce made from meat broth and dark beer. People in Bavaria and Munich like to eat roasted pork, especially when it’s cold. You can find this dish on the menu at any restaurant in Bavaria.


– This is a dessert of Austrian origin made from lightly whipped pancake batter, cut into small pieces in a pan. Light, fluffy cake batter, mixed with optional almonds and raisins, and powdered sugar topping. Apple sauce, apple juice or wine-soaked plum juice are often served with this dish. Kaiserschmarrn is very sweet and quite filling. So, if you want to try it once, prepare a very hungry stomach.

Augustiner Beer

– When talking about food in Bavaria, it is impossible not to include Augustiner beer as well as Munich’s oldest Augustiner brewery. Associated with the history and development of Munich, no other beer can compare. Now people mainly know it for the October beer festival held in this state called Oktoberfest – the largest beer festival in the world.

Top 10 most beautiful destinations in Bavaria

Neuschwanstein Castle

Neuschwanstein is considered the precious gem of Bavaria, located in the town of Fussen with a poetic, fairy-tale landscape. Perhaps that is why the castle is used as a media image in famous Walt Disney animated films. The project was designed by King Ludwig II of Germany. The unique architecture with splendid white and marble walls and many pointed towers helps the castle look both ancient, modern and romantic. The location on a high mountain top and in the middle of green mountains makes the castle even more prominent. Therefore, this place has become the region’s top place for exploration and sightseeing, making every visitor stop to admire it.

Zugspitze mountain peak

Zugspitze is the highest mountain peak in Germany with an altitude of nearly 3000m above sea level. This is a place that especially attracts tourists in the winter thanks to its rich winter sports activities such as skiing, ice walking, skateboarding, etc. Many tourists come to Zugspitze and explore the mountain by climbing. or go to the top by cable car. You can also hunt clouds and get a panoramic view of the small villages below, the forests and mountains covered with white snow in winter, typical of the European region.

Danube Gorge

Danube Alley is a destination not to be missed when traveling to Bavaria, a place in the Danube valley area, located between Regensburg and Ingolstadt. This place possesses pristine landscapes and is considered one of the region’s nature reserves. The unique natural scenery makes this place ideal for exploration and photography. You can admire natural limestone cliffs up to 70m high, experience boat cruises on the legendary Danube river, rent kayaks and woolens. Explore the landscape around the riverbank,…

Palatinate Forest Park

Bavaria owns the Palatinate forest park famous for its majestic nature and fresh climate. The terrain and forest landscape are special with many types of coniferous trees and more than 4,000 freshwater lakes, which is why the Palatinate forest is also known as the land of lakes. The bright green or yellow color of the trees and leaves mixed with the emerald color of the rivers and lakes make Palatinate a peaceful place to rest and relax. If you have the opportunity to visit Palatinate, don’t forget to visit and rest by Lake Constance, Starnberg or Eibsee, these are considered the most famous lakes of the forest. There are many activities here for visitors to explore the lake and forest in a more interesting way such as boating, kayaking, swimming, walking or camping.

Munich City

Munich is a key city of Bavaria and also a famous destination in the region. The city is modern with many commercial centers, diverse services and amenities, but at the same time ancient with many ancient architectural works nearly 800 years old. Some destinations that attract tourists and locals that you cannot miss include Marienplatz, English Garden, Rathaus-Glockenspiel clock tower, Munich Palace, Viktualienmarkt, Hofbräuhaus,… This is also the location where the ceremony takes place. The world-famous Oktoberfest beer festival and many other interesting cultures and festivals to explore.

Town of Garmisch – Partenkirchen

Tourists come to the town of Garmisch – Partenkirchen because they are impressed by the beautiful but idyllic scenery of houses, roads, restaurants,… inside the town. The houses here are designed to be small, close together and covered with attractive white paint. Each house and shop is decorated with many rows of trees, vines, flower pots, etc. You can easily find memorable photography angles and rest at a shop to feel the peace. of the town.

Garmisch is also known as an ideal skiing destination in winter, suitable for many adventure sports. Thanks to its ideal terrain, this was also the place chosen to host the Winter Olympic Games and is a place that attracts many tourists passionate about snow sports.

Lindau town

Lindau is located on an island near the shore connected to the mainland by a railway and a bridge across. This is an old town over 1000 years old with relics that date back to the first century AD under the Roman Empire. In addition to its historical factors, the town is also an ideal tourist and vacation destination thanks to its fresh climate. Some places that you must definitely visit when coming to the ancient town of Lindau include the lighthouse, the Bavarian lion sculpture, St. Stephan, Unserer Lieben Frau church, Maximilianstrasse area, old town hall, Aeschach lake walkway,…

Old town Aschaffenburg

The old town is located on the banks of the Main River with many unique architectural works and landscapes from the 12th century to the present. Visitors to the old town can learn about the history and culture of the area at the state art gallery, palace museum, and Palace library. In addition, you can also experience and admire many unique works with artistic value such as Palace Garden, Pompeijanum, Saints Peter’s Church,…

Lake Chiemsee

Chiemsee is the largest lake in Bavaria, possessing cool, clear blue water nourished from the melting ice of the majestic Alps. The 5km long sandy beach along the lake and panoramic views of the Alpine area make this an ideal spot for you to rest, pitch a tent, build a campfire and have an outdoor barbecue.

In the middle of the lake are 3 islands, of which Herrenchiemsee and Frauenchiemsee are 2 islands that are currently inhabited. Many tourists have chosen hiking trips to the lake area to breathe fresh air and admire the scenery and lake islands in the distance. You can also rent boats from locals to the islands to explore the Herrenchiemsee castle built in 1878 or the ancient Frauenchiemsee monastery built in 782. All of them bring interesting experiences to the trip. .

Volkach River

The peaceful Volkach River is located in the middle of Franconia wine country with an ancient peaceful town on one side and vast green meadows on the other. Volkach is known as a paradise for wine connoisseurs. You can visit the riverside grape fields and experience the process of making fine Franconia wine. In addition, the peaceful landscape and fresh air attract many tourists to enjoy. You can stroll or cycle along the river before exploring and stopping to rest in the ancient village of the same name next door.

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