Whether it's traditional Beijing cuisine or modern innovation, it attracts tourists and food lovers from all over the world.

The food in Beijing has attracted many tourists and food lovers from all over the world. Beijing is known as the eighth largest “culinary city” in the world, with a rich and colorful culinary culture. Whether it’s traditional Beijing cuisine or modern innovation, it attracts tourists and food lovers from all over the world.

In this article, TBAOINFO will introduce to you some famous dishes in Beijing that attract the most diners. Please follow the article until the end so that when traveling to Beijing, in addition to admiring the beauty of the scenic spots, you can also enjoy unique traditional Beijing-style dishes!


1. Peking duck

When mentioning Beijing cuisine, people first think of Peking roast duck. This dish has a long history and originated during the Northern and Southern Dynasties of China. The unique preparation technique is famous for its fresh, soft and crispy taste. Each Peking duck needs to be marinated with spices, put in the oven, sliced and performed in different steps, and the processing process challenges the chef’s ability.

The finished roasted duck will have a crispy flavor from the outside skin, soft succulent meat inside and a rich flavor. When eating Peking Duck, it is best to roll thinly sliced meat, chopped green onions, cucumbers and other spices into pancakes so that the delicious flavor of the duck meat can be fully tasted.

2. Shredded pork with Beijing sauce

Shredded pork with Beijing sauce is a traditional Beijing snack. The dish is made from lean meat, sweet fish sauce, shredded cucumber and other ingredients. Shredded pork with Beijing sauce needs to be marinated for several hours to ensure meat tenderness and delicious flavor. The taste when tasted is sweet, delicious and nutritious. When eating shredded meat with Beijing sauce, you can eat it with a little sesame sauce and garlic to add flavor.

Roasted pork with Beijing sauce is often served as a breakfast or lunch dish, and is also an indispensable dish at parties. In Beijing, the most famous shredded pork restaurants with Peking sauce are Old Beijing Zhajiangmian and Jubaoyuan, but there are also many other restaurants that serve this delicious dish.

3. Jajang noodles

Beijing Zhajiang noodles, also known as Doubanjiang noodles, are a traditional Chinese noodle dish. Originally originating from Beijing and then spreading throughout the country, it is hailed as one of the “Top Ten Noodles in China”. The dish is made from noodles, chopped cucumbers, chopped tofu, minced meat and other ingredients. When eaten, it has a rich, sweet and delicious flavor.

Jajang is often served as a breakfast or lunch dish, and is also an indispensable dish at various parties. When eating Jajang, it is best for visitors to use chopsticks to mix the noodles and spices well for a more balanced flavor. In Beijing, the most famous Zhajiang restaurants are Old Beijing Zhajiangmian and Donglaishun, but there are also many other restaurants that serve this delicacy.

4. Tofu nay

Tofu nao is a traditional Beijing breakfast dish. It is made from soy milk, gypsum and other ingredients. When enjoyed, it will have a delicate, smooth and nutritious flavor. Tofu is often eaten with chili sauce, coriander, and other ingredients to enrich the flavor.

In Beijing, the most famous tofu khao restaurants are “Badawan” and “Donglaishun” which are centuries old. In addition, visitors can still find this delicious dish at many other restaurants in Beijing.

5. Lamb hotpot

In Beijing, instant lamb hot pot is very famous. Lamb is best eaten when prepared into “mutton hot pot”, which began in the Yuan Dynasty and emerged in the Qing Dynasty. As early as the 18th century, Khang Hy and Qianlong held large-scale banquets, including lamb hot pot to entertain everyone. Then this dish spread to shops in the “hundred-year old capital”.

This delicacy is very popular because it is easy to eat and delicious. Lamb is chosen to produce delicious and tender meat with thin fibers. The spices are diverse and delicious, the meat is soft and has no bad smell. After washing, it can be cooked into a dish with pure and fresh aroma. In ancient Beijing, lamb was cooked in a copper hot pot over charcoal, served with sesame sauce, with a mellow flavor and endless aftertaste.

6. Yellow peas

Yellow beans are a traditional snack in Beijing and one of thirteen long-standing snacks in Beijing. This is considered a seasonal dish, often eaten in spring. Beans are usually ground, peeled, washed, boiled, added with granulated sugar and frozen, then cut into cubes. After the yellow beans are cooked, the taste will melt in the mouth, not sticky nor crunchy, almost no bean smell, has a light cool feeling, extremely soft and very delicious.

The yellow beans in the Qing Dynasty were made from premium beans, famous because Empress Dowager Cixi loved to eat them. Folk raw yellow beans are a typical spring dish, often found at spring fairs. Yellow beans have also been selected as one of Beijing’s “Top Ten Famous Snacks in China.”

7. Beijing Kung Pao Chicken

Kung Pao Chicken was created by Ding Baozhen, governor of Shandong and governor of Sichuan during the Qing Dynasty. He has done a lot of research on cuisine, likes to eat chicken and peanuts, and especially likes spicy food. When he was an official in Shandong, he ordered his chef to improve the Shandong dish “fried chicken with sauce” into a spicy stir-fry dish. Later, when he was governor of Sichuan, he popularized this dish and created a dish that combined diced chicken, red peppers and peanuts. The dish is prepared by frying in a pan. Initially it was just a private dish in Ding’s family, but later it became known as Kung Pao Chicken.

Kung Pao chicken is made from chicken as the main ingredient, cooked with peanuts, chili and other side ingredients, red but not spicy, the meat is succulent and crispy. In September 2018, Kung Pao Chicken was rated as one of the top ten famous traditional dishes in Guizhou.

8. Meat stew

Stew meat is a traditional snack originating from Nanxing Street in southern Beijing. It is said that during the Guangxu period, because Su Zao meat cooked with pig intestines was expensive, people used pig head meat and pig intestines instead. After being popularized by folk cooking masters, over time, pork stew was created.

Stew meat is prepared by stewing grilled pig intestines and lungs together, adding fried tofu slices, sauce, garlic water, tofu water, coriander and other ingredients and letting it cook thoroughly. This is one of the dishes in Beijing that you should definitely try!

9. Meat pies

The next dish on the list of dishes in Beijing that wants to introduce to you is meat pie. Most regular pies are flat, but meat pies are very thick, about 3 cm high, 5 cm in diameter, looking like a cylinder. In fact, the ingredients used to make meat pies are very common and it all depends on the unique craftsmanship. This is also considered a dish to try when coming to Beijing!

10. Lollipop candy

Fenugreek candy, also known as hawthorn candy, is one of Beijing’s traditional snacks, made from hawthorn, strawberries, dates, etc. dipped in candied sugar syrup. The process of making fenugreek candy is very elaborate, the sugar syrup needs to be boiled at the right temperature to have a golden color and a buttery aroma. When enjoying, it’s best to use your teeth to gently bite the outer layer of sugar so that the fruit and syrup blend together, creating a more refreshing flavor. This is also a dish that many tourists seek to enjoy when traveling to Beijing.

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