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Coming to tourist destinations in Birmingham, England, visitors will admire unique architectural works and beautiful landscapes

Coming to tourist destinations in Birmingham, England, visitors will admire unique architectural works and beautiful landscapes. So do you know where to go and what to do when visiting this “city of thousands of jobs”? British tourism has many famous attractions for you to explore. Among them is the most beautiful and charming city of Birmingham in England. Join TBAOINFO to discover the full Birmingham travel experience below.

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History of Birmingham

Before traveling to Birmingham, try to learn about the history of this city. In the 16th century, the town of Birmingham – now the city of Birmingham – became a thriving metal manufacturing center. By the time of the English Revolution in the 1640s, Birmingham produced around 16,000 blades for the Parliamentary forces. As a result, the town was besieged and captured by the Royalists.

At the end of the 18th century, Birmingham held an important position during the British Industrial Revolution. At this time, the city of Birmingham was home to a number of investors and scientists. In 1838, railway lines were built from Birmingham to London and Liverpool.

The late 19th century saw many outstanding urban improvement programs. Public works and slum eradication appeared. During World War II (1939-1945), the city was heavily bombed and went through a period of post-war reconstruction.

Currently, Birmigham is a major international trade center of England. It is an important center for transport, shopping, events and conferences. Birmingham’s metropolitan economy is the second largest in the UK. The second largest center of higher education in the country after London. Birmingham tourism ranks 4th in the UK in terms of annual tourist visits.

When to travel to Birmingham

Traveling to Birmingham at any time of the year will make you feel comfortable. However, because it belongs to the kingdom of fog, the weather here is relatively cold. It’s cloudy and there’s little sunshine. So whether it is summer or spring, you need to prepare adequate means to keep your body warm.

Transportation in Birmingham

To get to Birmingham you can take a flight to the famous Birmingham International Airport. The airport is only 8km from the city center, easy to reach. Birmingham International Airport currently has 80 daily flights to 25 cities.

Traveling to Birmingham, you can choose to travel by bus, train or car. The most popular and economical is still using the bus or train.

– Bus: You can buy bus tickets at: If you rarely move, you should choose to buy when you get in the car. Tickets are sold by day or trip. One thing to note is that most buses in Birmingham do not return change, so you need to prepare change or be willing to pay more than the prescribed fee.

– Train: In addition to buses, Birmingham has trains from NewStreet shopping center to Perry Barr – or from Birmingham International airport to the city center. This journey only takes 9 minutes because the train goes quite quickly. Most trains within the city of Birmingham are about 10 minutes apart, so traveling here is quite convenient. You can check train ticket prices on:

In addition, if you are a person who loves exercise, you can choose a bicycle to get around. This vehicle combines all three elements of convenience, comfort and has a very economical rental price.

Famous tourist destination in Birmingham city

Traveling to Birmingham gives you the opportunity to enjoy many unique artistic activities. You will enjoy the vibrancy and influence of art, music, literature and cuisine here.

For those who want a vacation to enjoy life, away from the city, Birmingham is the top choice for you. The city is modern but still has an interesting rustic and ancient character. Especially the many peaceful suburbs with peaceful scenery that will surely make you fall in love.

1. National LIFE SEA Center, Birmingham

Address: Address: The Waters Edge, 3 Brindleyplace, Birmingham

National LIFE SEA Center, Birmingham is one of the most popular destinations in Birmingham. This is an exhibition of marine creatures that attracts tourists to visit and learn about the ocean world. Here, there are more than 20,000 species of creatures such as giant octopuses, precious seahorses, stingrays, lobsters, otters, penguins… Coming to the National LIFE SEA Center, Birmingham, visitors will enjoy Admire these animals and learn about their habitat. In addition, the center’s campus also has a 4D cinema, with famous movies related to the ocean world.

2. Jewelery Quarter, Birmingham

Address: Vyse Street, Hockley, Birmingham

If you are looking for a famous tourist destination in Birmingham, Jewelery Quarter is the ideal destination that you should not miss. This is where the largest jewelry factories in England are concentrated, with more than 500 factories manufacturing all kinds of precious jewelry. This location attracts visitors from all over the world and to admire the corners of this jewelry district you should stand from the art gallery. In addition, there is also a pen museum located on the premises of the Jewelery Quarter, displaying all types of pens in human history.

3. Birmingham Science Museum

Address: Millennium Point, Curzon Street, Birmingham

Where should you go when traveling to Birmingham? This museum is home to famous collections of train locomotives, steam engines and industrial machinery spanning many centuries from many countries. Among them is the Science Garden with hamsters and chocolate making machines dating back to World War II. In particular, visitors can also admire the extremely unique architecture and large space of the science museum. This is one of the most famous schools in England.

4. Birmingham Museum & Art Gallery

Address: Chamberlain Square, Birmingham

Birmingham Museum & Art Gallery is one of the tourist destinations in Birmingham that attracts tourists today. The museum was built and completed in 1885, and is one of the most famous museums in London. This is where famous collections of Pre-Raphaelite artists and sculptures of James Tower are displayed. In particular, visiting this museum, visitors can also admire Pinto collections, archeology from the Stone Age and many unique toys made from wood.

5. Historic City Center, Birmingham

Address: Victoria Square, Birmingham

What to do in Birmingham? Birmingham’s historic city centre, built in 1832, is housed in an ancient Roman temple. The most impressive thing about this tourist attraction is that it is made from 40 marble columns. This area owns a concert hall decorated extremely luxuriously and classy, with the appearance of famous artists from around the world. In front of the central courtyard are two memorials to Queen Victoria and James Watt. In addition, from this location visitors can easily walk to visit the central library or Chamberlain Square.

6. St. Michael, Coventry

Address: Hill Top, Coventry

The next Birmingham tourist destination must include St. Michael, Coventry. The church was built in 1962 and designed by architect Sir Basil Spence. The special thing about this church is that the wall is built in a concave shape, with concrete panels placed alternating with each other. The most prominent is the giant glass screen in the western area of the building. All over the walls of the church are carved saints and angels, creating a visual space. This is also where the baptism ceremonies of Birmingham people are regularly performed. If you have the opportunity to travel to England or visit Birmingham, please visit this famous church to admire the architecture.

7. Birmingham Zoo

Address: 2630 Cahaba Rd, Birmingham

Birmingham Zoo is a destination that attracts more than 600,000 visitors each year. This is home to 1,000 rare animal species around the world such as rhinos, sea lions and many species that are in danger of extinction in the world. Coming to Birmingham Zoo, visitors will be able to see koalas, bats, black-footed penguins, komodo dragons, and lorikeet chicken coops. The zoo also has a separate area to preserve elephants and avoid threats to these animals. Surely this will be an attractive place to visit in Birmingham that you should not miss on your upcoming trip.

8. Alabama Theater

Address: 1817 3rd Ave N, Birmingham

Alabama Theater, also known as Carver Performing Arts Center, is located in the downtown area of Birmingham. This famous theater was built by the Paramount-Publix group, with a capacity of up to 527 seats. The Alabama Theater regularly hosts silent films, action films and cartoons. Among them, the most famous is the movie “Mickey Mouse” which attracts children. In addition, the theater is also impressive with its beautiful architecture, the entire ceiling is decorated with delicate patterns and luxurious yellow colors. If you have the opportunity to travel to Birmingham, you should not miss this famous theater to admire the beautiful and unique architecture.

What to eat in Birmingham?

When traveling to Birmingham, visit the following famous restaurants with delicious British food: Adam’s, Two Cats Kitchen, Rico Libre, Purnell’s, The Warehouse Café… Or you can also visit shopping centers in Birmingham to choose dishes that suit your taste. The city of Birmingham is very famous for its confectionery and chocolate. If you don’t know what gift to choose after your trip, this is a fairly simple and convenient choice for you.

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