Cinque Terre travel experience

Cinque Terre - Italy's colorful town is an attractive tourist destination that any tourist wants to visit once.

Cinque Terre – Italy’s colorful town is an attractive tourist destination that any tourist wants to visit once. There are no famous ancient buildings or glorious history, but Cinque Terre tourism attracts tourists from all over because of its beautiful natural beauty. TBAOINFO’s latest Cinque Terre travel experiences below promise to help you have a fun trip and many new experiences.

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Which season should you travel to Cinque Terre?

Tourists can choose to visit this town in any season of the year because each time brings different interesting experiences. However, according to Cinque Terre travel experience, Nowtadi recommends that visitors come here during the two most beautiful seasons:

Spring (January to April): Spring in Cinque Terre is not too cold with temperatures around 13 – 18°C. Spring in Cinque Terre has many extremely interesting traditional festivals that visitors can experience such as: Lemon Festival, Vernazza village festival,…

Summer (from May to August): Summer in Cinque Terre has mild sunshine and very little rainfall. Therefore, this is also the peak tourist season in Cinque Terre because the weather is especially suitable for participating in outdoor activities. When you come to this city in the summer, you can immerse yourself in famous festivals such as: Carnival, Cinque Terre Wine Festival,…

Means of transportation in Cinque Terre city

The fastest way to get to Cinque Terre is by boat. The boat schedule here runs very regularly, especially in the summer, lasting about 5 – 10 minutes each trip.

From big cities to Riomaggiore it takes about 7 – 9 minutes, to Manarola it takes about 20 minutes. Between Riomaggiore and Monterosso it only takes about 14 minutes by train. Of the 5 villages, only Corniglia village does not have a seaport, so visitors can still travel between the remaining four villages by boat.

If tourists buy a Cinque Terre Train Card, you will be able to travel comfortably on the La Spezia – Levanto trains. With this type of ticket, visitors can comfortably travel between routes, helping to save travel costs.

This place is also a paradise for tourists who love trekking because it has trails along the sea linking villages. However, trekking on hot summer days is quite tiring, so visitors need to prepare enough drinking water and a good pair of sports shoes.

Places to stay in Cinque Terre

As a famous tourist destination, Cinque Terre has many hotels for tourists to choose from. There are many beautiful hotels and motels here, from affordable to high-end depending on the financial conditions of tourists. Here are some suggestions from Nowtadi for you to choose the right place to stay:

Hotel Sesta Terra: This hotel is just a 2-minute walk from Cinque Terre central station. The hotel has a very poetic view of Riomaggiore village, clean rooms, and comfortable furniture. In particular, Hotel Sesta Terra also has a free evening foot massage service for tourists. Room rates here are about 50 USD/day.

Marina Piccola: This is a location right in the village of Vernazza, only the rooms here are modernly designed, spacious with many other services included such as: breakfast, laundry,… Room prices at Marina Piccola are quite reasonable. , about 55 USD/day.

Locanda: This is a budget hotel designed in a Mediterranean style. The hotel has a large balcony with views of Fegina beach. Room rates here are about 80 USD/day.

Dining at Cinque Terre

This region mainly serves seafood pasta such as mussels, clams, lobsters… A plate costs about 8-10E depending on the product. Seafood in this region has very delicious grilled dishes, especially when the fresh seafood is prepared as simply as possible, the more delicious it is.

Pizza: Typical Italian pizza always has buffalo cheese (morrarella di buffala) and tomatoes with basil leaves called Magherita pizza. You can also order dishes served with mushrooms (funghi), ham, salame, prociuto… which are also very delicious.

Wine is also a feature you should try when coming to this region because this is a traditional wine made from native grapes that is not available everywhere. Sciaccherta fruit wine is quite famous in Cinque Terre as a fruit wine for dessert, you should try it when you come here.

Dishes: french fries, fried squid, fried anchovies… are also quite popular here. A cup of this costs about 4-5E depending on size.

Italian Gelato ice cream is generally very delicious, priced from 1.5 – 2.5E/cone. The price of an ice cream in La Spezia I find cheaper than in other areas. The most typical seasonal fruit gelato flavors and most liked by Italians are pistachio gelato (Pistacchio) or Cafe, Chocolate, creama, stracciatella (chocolate chips), …

Top 6 Cinque Terre tourist destinations that you must definitely visit

Riomaggiore Village

The village of Riomaggiore is located in the province of La Spezia in the Liguria region of Italy. When coming to Cinque Terre, visitors will definitely have to pass through this village first. Riomaggiore is famous for its unique historical sites and specialty wine made from grapes grown in the region. With its location right next to the Gulf of Genoa, the sea water and scenery here are truly clear, peaceful and beautiful.

In particular, this village includes houses built into caves, the facades of the houses submerged in beautiful jade green sea water. The houses in Riomaggiore village all have stairs leading down to the sea, and on the highest peak of the village is an ancient temple built in the 13th century. Tourists should visit this village on weekends to participate in sessions. The market organized by local people is extremely bustling.

Manarola Village

Manarola Village is a tourist destination in Cinque Terre that you should not miss on your journey to explore this place. This village has the smallest area in Cinque Terre but is blessed with a picturesque landscape. Visitors can walk on beautiful trails and admire houses built with unique architecture. In particular, Manarola village impresses visitors with its vast green vineyards, freely taking photos and enjoying delicious glasses of wine.

Corniglia Village

Corniglia village is the only village not located close to the beach like the other villages. This village is built on a high cliff above the sea, so visitors here have to climb a path of more than 400 steps to get to the village. The atmosphere in Corniglia village is different from Manarola and Riomaggiore villages, more casual and comfortable.

Many tourists choose to skip this village because traveling is quite difficult and time-consuming. However, this village gives visitors a feeling of enjoyment and comfort, enjoying the quiet and less hustle and bustle. Furthermore, tourists can go for a walk to look at the houses, small alleys, and look at bags of handmade soaps fragrant with lemon scent in local shops. At the end of the village, you will find a small stop and from there you can see the ocean with a unique landscape.

Vernazza Village

The village of Vernazza has the lowest location compared to the remaining villages in Cinque Terre. Vernazza village is located right next to the sea and is not perched on a dangerous cliff like other villages. However, this place possesses a very unique and beautiful landscape with colorful houses located close to the sea and behind are majestic green mountains. Notably, this is also the only village in Cinque Terre that still maintains traditional fishing in the Mediterranean region.

Considered the shining jewel of the Cinque Terre, the village is surrounded by a natural bay and a lovely bell tower located right in the heart of this stunning town. There are many restaurants and cafes here with impressive styles. This is where you can leisurely enjoy lunch, sit and watch people passing by and people swimming and diving in the cool blue water.

Monterosso Al Mare Village

Monterosso Al Mare village is the furthest and largest village in Cinque Terre if traveling from La spezia station. This Cinque Terre tourist destination is considered the cultural and political center of this region. This village is divided into two distinct parts, Old Town and New Town, and to move between these two areas you can walk through the separating tunnel. In particular, Monterosso Al Mare Village also owns beautiful beaches. If tourists want to swim in Cinque Terre, they should not miss this place.

Monterosso al Mare village is considered the cultural and political center of the Cinque Terre region, with the furthest location from La Spezia station. This is also the only village with wide streets and a long beach with many tourists. The most famous here is Fegina beach with rows of colorful umbrellas. In particular, when going into small alleys in the village, you can immediately enjoy local daily life. The balcony is hung with baskets of bright flowers, and the air is filled with the scent of focaccia, a grilled dish you’ll find anywhere in Cinque Terre.

Fegina Beach

Not only does Cinque Terre impress with its unique architectural villages, it also possesses beautiful clear blue beaches, among which is Fegina Beach. This beach has rows of colorful umbrellas that attract tourists to take photos. The sea water in Fegina is jade green and clear, tourists can immerse themselves in the cool water to relax. In particular, Fegina beach also focuses on bars and restaurants serving the entertainment needs of tourists.

Experience hiking between villages

Another interesting experience when you travel to Cinque Terre Italy is hiking between villages. Hiking is a long-distance walking activity on steep terrain. This activity will help you enjoy the fresh, peaceful air among the villages as well as improve your body’s resistance. Visitors can choose the Riomaggiore – Manarola or Vernazza – Monterosso road as having the most beautiful scenery in Cinque Terre. Tourists should note that this road is quite narrow, you should prepare comfortable shoes and bring a few belongings for convenience when moving. Below is distance information between villages:

From Manarola – Riomaggiore: 1.1 km (travel time 25 minutes)
Vernazza – Corniglia: 2.9 km (duration 1h15m)
Corniglia – Manarola: 3.5 km (duration 1h30m)
Monterosso – Vernazza: 3.6km (duration 2 hours)

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