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Scotland has long been known as the "fog island", this place attracts many tourists to relax because of its natural beauty and unique architectural works.

Scotland has long been known as the “fog island”, this place attracts many tourists to relax because of its natural beauty and unique architectural works. Not only that, Scottish cuisine as well as the climate here promise to satisfy visitors coming to Scotland. Join Nowtadi to explore Scotland’s travel experiences and the Top 5 most attractive destinations here in this article.

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Which season is best to visit Scotland?

Located on the northern edge of Europe, the weather in Scotland is often colder than elsewhere in the UK. Therefore, winter in Scotland is the time that attracts the most tourists to visit here. In particular, winter in Scotland is very cold, with frequent snowfall and fog appearing all year round, that’s why this place is also fondly known as the “fog island”. When traveling to Scotland in winter, visitors will admire Scotland covered with beautiful white snow as well as participate in outdoor activities here.

In summer and autumn, the weather begins to warm up, but not too hot, the temperature fluctuates around 22 degrees Celsius, quite pleasant, so it is extremely convenient for tourists to explore Scotland. At this time, visitors can participate in extremely bustling festivals taking place here such as: Whiskey Festival, Hogmanay Festival,…

Means of transportation when traveling to Scotland on your own

The public transportation system in Scotland is extremely developed, diverse and convenient. The main means of transport in Scotland are trams, buses, bicycles and trains. Below is specific information about ticket prices and how to buy tickets for tourists to use these means of transportation as follows:

Bus/Tram: These are the two types of public transport most used by people in Scotland. Buses and trams use the same ticket with a price of 3 pounds when purchased on the bus and 2.7 pounds when purchased at the counter. The most trusted bus and tram company in Scotland is Stagecoach.

Bicycles: In Scotland, bicycles account for 20% of traffic in the city. Here, the largest bicycle rental system is Citybike Scotland. In particular, all roads in Scotland often have a dedicated lane for bicycles, so visitors can feel secure when traveling. Cycling on the roads in Scotland will help visitors clearly feel the peaceful beauty of this country.

Railway: This is an important public transport network in Scotland. This means of transport costs about 8 pounds/trip, so tourists can consider using the rail service in Scotland for their trip. Traveling by rail will give you the opportunity to see the beautiful scenery of the entire city from a different, extremely interesting perspective.

Accommodation locations in Scotland

When traveling to Scotland on your own, visitors should choose to stay in the city center for convenience in traveling to tourist destinations. Some hotels with affordable prices as well as good quality here are:

Motel One Edinburgh-Royal: The hotel is located in the heart of Scotland city, from the hotel it only takes about 7 minutes to walk to the train station and only 300m to Edinburgh Castle. In addition, this hotel is also close to many tourist attractions such as: Half Moon Battery, St. Historic Margaret’s Chapel, David’s Tower. All rooms at the hotel are highly appreciated by tourists because they are fully equipped with amenities and services that require modern furniture…

A&O Scotland: This is an ideal choice for you when coming to Scotland. This hotel is located right near the city center and is extremely comfortable. In particular, tourists who rent a room here will receive a free drink card at the water bar in the lobby. Room prices here are about 110 pounds/night.

H+ Hotel Scotland: This hotel is extremely famous in Scotland because of the quality of service it provides. When booking a room at this hotel, guests will be given a buffet breakfast card right at the hotel’s restaurant. In addition, the hotel also has a heated swimming pool service to help you relax after a tiring day.

Top 5 Scottish tourist destinations not to be missed

Edinburgh Castle

When talking about the ancient and magnificent castles of Scotland, it is impossible not to mention Edinburgh Castle. The castle is located on top of an inactive volcano. It was once a key military base for the Scottish royal family. Standing at this castle, visitors can see the entire scene for miles from all directions.

Like most castles, Edinburgh is a complex of towers, battlements, palaces and prisons. Each vestige kept in this castle marks each historical period and each important event of Scotland. In addition, when coming here, visitors will also be able to admire the most beautiful ancient buildings such as: Royal Palace, Great Hall,…

Loch Ness

Loch Ness is one of the deepest and largest lakes in Scotland with a length of about 40km and a width of 2.7km. Visitors can see the entire lake and surrounding scenery from the mountains surrounding the lake. From each angle you will see the unique beauty of Loch Ness.

But surely Loch Ness attracts tourists not only because of the beauty of the surrounding natural scenery but also the legends and secrets about a famous monster – Nessie. From past to present, there have been many studies conducted to determine the existence of Nessie, but scientists still do not have an exact answer about this giant animal. In addition, when coming here, tourists can also rent a boat to go around the lake to admire the peaceful beauty of Loch Ness.

Eilean Donan Island

With its location in the Western Highlands of Scotland, Eilean Donan Island is considered one of the most attractive photography locations and relics for tourists. If visitors want to admire this small island, they will have to cross a bridge – the only lifeline connecting the mainland and the island. Going across the bridge, visitors will admire the oldest castle here. This castle has been chosen by many photographers and film studios to make their works of art. Inside the castle, visitors can visit and enjoy the famous “weasel” coffee only found on this island. Eilean Donan Island promises to bring you interesting experiences.

Arthur’s Seat peak

Arthur’s Seat peak is a hill located in the east, about 2.5 km from Edinburgh Citadel. This place is the remains of a volcano that last erupted more than 350 million years ago. From “King Arthur’s Throne” at a height of 250m, visitors can see the panoramic view of the ancient citadel of the Scottish capital dyed bright yellow under the sunset. The sun in Europe often sets very late in the summer, visitors can relax on the “throne” until 9 p.m. and the sunlight is still brilliant.

Isle of Mull

The Isle of Mull is the largest island of the Hebridean region – Scotland. This place is famous not only for its beautiful natural scenery but also attracts tourists for its extremely interesting entertainment games such as climbing mountains, horseback riding, participating in water activities, golfing,…

Especially in the East and South of the island are towering hills and mountains with altitudes up to 9,205m. From this location, visitors will admire the beautiful scenery of the entire island from above.

Experience culinary culture in Scotland

Besides admiring famous tourist destinations, when coming to Scotland, visitors cannot miss experiencing the cuisine here. Here are some dishes you should try when you come to Scotland:

Haggis: This dish’s main ingredients are sheep’s internal organs such as liver, heart, lungs, kidneys… then chopped with oats, fat, onions,… then finally cooked. This dish is often served with mashed potatoes to reduce the fat of Haggis.
Stovies: Stovies is an extremely simple dish, using the most familiar ingredients such as potatoes, onions, beef, spices… and this dish only needs to be completed in a short amount of time. This is the most favorite dish of Scottish people in winter. There is nothing better than taking a walk while enjoying Stovies.
Cranachan: Cranachan is an extremely sweet dessert and is loved by many people in Scotland. From color and form. The decoration of Cranachan cake is extremely beautiful and attractive. Cranachan is a harmonious combination of ingredients such as honey, cream, oatmeal, raspberries, whiskey…

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