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The city of Antwerp, Belgium, is on the list of the 10 most worth-visiting tourist cities in 2018. Let's find out why this place is a destination voted by Lonely Planet.

The city of Antwerp, Belgium, is on the list of the 10 most worth-visiting tourist cities in 2018. Let’s find out why this place is a destination voted by Lonely Planet.

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Unforgettable experiences in the city of Antwerp, Belgium

As a tourist city in Belgium, Antwerp captivates tourists with its nickname the diamond city or capital or diamond capital, but deep inside it is a treasure trove of beautiful natural landscapes, The architecture and culture that have existed through history are still there, making anyone who visits realize that this city does not only use its diamond shine to attract tourists, but also has many reasons. fun to explore. Coming to the city of Antwerp, Belgium, don’t miss these special experiences!

Admire the architecture of Centraal Station

Antwerp Central Station is an architectural work that blends many artistic styles, from Belle Époque to Neo-Renaissance and Art Nouveau. In 2014, Mashable magazine voted Antwerp Centraal Station in first place for the most beautiful train stations in the world!

Stroll around the large Grote Markt square

Grote Markt is the common name for large squares in Belgium and the same in Antwerp. Here, in the middle of the square is a statue of Silvius throwing away the hand of the giant Druon Antigoon. Behind him is the Antwerp City Hall built in the 16th century, and on the side is a row of gildenhuis typical of the Netherlands and Belgium.

Gildenhuis are buildings facing the Grote Markt, used as the headquarters and meeting place of ancient trading guilds. Today, they are used as city tourism offices or small museums.

Admire Antwerp from above

From Grote Markt square, you can walk a few steps to reach the Cathedral of Our Lady. The church was built in the 16th century, with a 123m high bell tower. This is also the tallest church bell tower in the “Low Countries” including the Netherlands and Belgium located below sea level. With such a remarkable height, this bell tower took 169 years to complete. And looking down from the top of the tower, Antwerp with its orange roofs looks as small as a miniature toy model.

Wandering in the small alley Vlaeykensgang

Vlaeykensgang appeared at the end of the 16th century, with the task of connecting Hoogstraat and Oude Koornmarkt streets. Vlaeykensgang looks as pretty as a postcard from a long time ago, suddenly discovered one day in an old jewelry box stored on the roof.

Het Steen Castle

Close to the banks of the Scheldt River is Steen Castle, the oldest structure in Antwerp, built in the 11th century. Here there is the oldest hourglass in the world, and sand flows in the clock for exactly 30 minutes. every times!

Right at the entrance of Het Steen castle is the statue of the male god Semini, the god of youth and fertility, in Norse mythology. Legend has it that women in Antwerp all came to pray to Semini to have children soon, and so the people of Antwerp in the past considered themselves “descendants of Semini”.

Enjoy Antwerp-style Waffle and fried apple appelbeignet

Belgium is famous for its waffle cake, topped with fresh cream, fruit and melted chocolate sauce. However, each different region in Belgium has its own unique style of waffle. Désiré de Lille is a small cafe and patisserie in Antwerp that dates back to 1903. It specializes in Belgian and Dutch pastries, tea and coffee, and light snacks during the day.

Antwerp-style waffle has a light and spongy cake base, not as thick and “heavy” as Brussels-style waffles. The restaurant’s special waffle with fresh cream and a vanilla ice cream ball, with brown sauce cooked from wine and a little special pollen essence, is fragrant and lightly sweet on the lips.

Taste “Michelin 3-star” French fries

Belgium is the home of the popular potato chip dish worldwide. French fries in Belgium are a cheap and very popular street snack. For only about 6 Euros, you can have a huge portion of potatoes with all kinds of delicious sauces of your choice. So what’s the reason you should spend nearly 13 Euros for a tiny portion of French fries at Frites Atelier Amsterdam?

The secret lies in the fact that the owner of this “luxurious” potato chip shop – Sergio Herman, is a 3-star Michelin chef who has cooked for more than 20 years for a luxury restaurant in Zeeland. After all those years of cooking, one day he decided to leave the kitchen… to sell potatoes. And so in Antwerp, I had the opportunity to enjoy the most delicious French fries in the world: French fries served with Flanders-style beef stew and mayonnaise.

Buy authentic Belgian chocolate

When talking about Belgium, it’s impossible not to mention chocolate. And Antwerp is no exception. Different from stores that sell large quantities of chocolate to tourists like in Brussels or Bruges, each chocolate store in Antwerp is an enchanting miniature gallery, with glass cabinets lit with yellow lights, displaying shiny brown chocolates. Looks beautiful and sophisticated like expensive jewelry.

Some notes when visiting the city of Antwerp, Belgium

Because the city of Antwerp, Belgium is very developed and is a special trading hub in the world’s diamond market, getting to this city or traveling from places in Europe or within Belgium is quite easy. easy. Antwerp has an airport that receives many routes from other countries, a modern subway with many routes from France and the Netherlands running through, and bus routes across Europe all stop in this city. As the brief description shows, Antwerp has many advantages and advantages to help world travelers have a perfect trip to them.

– From the capital Brussels, you can go to Antwerp by train, which takes about 45 minutes. This is the most convenient way to move. You can buy train tickets directly at Gare du Midi (Gare Zuid) station in Brussels.

– Antwerp is the second largest city in Belgium with about half a million people, located in the Flanders region so Dutch is used as the main language. However, local people use English very well.

With extremely interesting things about the culture and history of the city of Antwerpen, Belgium, this is one of the tourist destinations not to be missed if you are on a journey to visit big cities like Brussels or Amsterdam because From these two major cities, you can easily get here by train

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