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Incheon city is one of the economic centers of Korea with an extremely developed tourism industry. Located in the Seoul metropolitan area, this locality is full of all modern amenities

Incheon city is one of the economic centers of Korea with an extremely developed tourism industry. Located in the Seoul metropolitan area, this locality is full of all modern amenities. When coming here, visitors will experience luxurious travel services, not inferior to luxury cities in Europe.

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Incheon – an ideal city for international tourists

Incheon is a major port city along the Yellow Sea coast of Korea, located in the Seoul metropolitan area. Located about 28 km west of Seoul, this city is considered the gateway to Korea’s key economic centers with Incheon port and the most modern Incheon international airport in Northeast Asia.

Not only that, Incheon is also famous for many attractive tourist destinations. When coming here, visitors can visit large and small islands, tidal lands, beautiful parks and ancient relics.

The ideal time to travel to Incheon

The most ideal time to travel to Incheon is usually from March to April and June to September. These are also the two times when Korea enters the most beautiful season of the year, the natural scenery and climate are both special features. especially to attract tourists.

March and April is when Incheon comes into spring, this is the time when cherry blossoms bloom and so the streets of Incheon are also filled with colorful flowers. In addition, if you come to Incheon in the spring, you can participate in experiencing many traditional Korean activities and festivals and explore this country’s diverse cuisine.

June to September is the time when the city is in summer. Normally, this is the season with the highest temperature of the year, so it is especially ideal for beach activities. Incheon is a port city, so marine activities for tourists such as swimming, surfing, scuba diving, etc. are very popular and developed. The summer sea climate at night is also an attraction for tourists when the weather becomes cool and airy, suitable for many families to relax.

Means of transportation when traveling to Incheon

When arriving in the city, visitors have many transportation options because public transportation in Incheon is quite modern and developed. Some popular means are:

Bus: The main means of transport chosen by many tourists thanks to its diverse routes, fast travel, easy sightseeing and reasonable ticket prices, about 180,000 to 200,000 VND/trip. Buses in Incheon usually operate from 5:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m., so you can travel by this means of transportation easily in the evening.

Subway: Subway fares are cheaper than buses but travel takes longer. Normally, the average time for each trip is 40 minutes. However, this is a suitable vehicle during peak hours to avoid traffic jams.

Taxi: Taxis are quite convenient and fast, but the price is higher than many other means. In particular, when taking a taxi, you are likely to encounter congestion during rush hour. However, if you travel short distances, want to see the sights and travel in crowds, taxis are still a reasonable choice when traveling during off-peak times of the day.

Accommodation in Incheon

Incheon is a modern and developed tourist city, you can easily find many reputable and well-priced hotels in the city. Below is a list of highly rated and recommended places by many tourists who have visited Incheon:

Oakwood Premier Incheon
Paradise City
Grand Hyatt Incheon
Orakai Songdo Park Hotel
Golden Tulip Incheon Airport Hotel
The Central Park Hotel Songdo
Sheraton Grand Incheon Hotel
Royal Emporium Hotel

Incheon Cuisine

Another attraction that makes Incheon tourism more famous than ever is the beauty of culinary culture in the city. This place has many delicious dishes that you can hardly find anywhere else. The ingredients are all quality and selected. Join Nowtadi to learn about some outstanding delicious dishes in this city through the following list:

Haemul pajeon: A traditional cake of the Incheon region made from chili, seafood, flour and green onions. The chef will fry it until it’s crispy before serving it to diners with soy sauce. This is a nutritious and delicious dish, popular with many tourists.

Bandaengihoe: This is essentially Korean fish sashimi. The dish is made from the meat of a fish species found in Incheon waters, the fish meat is fragrant and soft. The chef will soak the meat with a special recipe before serving the guests. This is considered a dish rich in protein and minerals, with a purely natural taste that makes visitors enjoy.

Jjolmyeo: This is a cold noodle dish with spicy chili sauce, favored by both residents and tourists thanks to its delicious taste and unique mouthfeel. Noodles served with soft-boiled eggs, vegetables and special Incheon chili sauce. You can find this dish all over Korean streets.

Jajangmyeon: The legendary black bean noodles of the “Land of Kimchi” that you must try, most tourists like this dish because of its deliciousness and appeal. The noodles are eaten with vegetables, meat, and special Korean black bean sauce. Although it looks simple, the dish brings back many memories of many tourists’ trips to Korea.

Top 10 tourist attractions in Incheon

Wolmi amusement park

If you come to Incheon, you must definitely visit Wolmi Park to feel the scale and development of this place. Wolmi is also known as “The Ancient World of Korea”, which integrates more than 20 entertainment areas for many ages from children’s games to adventure games for young people.

In addition, the park also owns a 25m high tempered glass observatory overlooking the city. Many tourists come here and experience the feeling of seeing Incheon in the most comprehensive and comprehensive way, while at the same time joining in with the excitement of the stream of people having fun at Wolmi.

Sorae Park

Sorae is an ecological park and a famous Incheon tourist destination for nature lovers to relax and rest. This place has a large area, up to more than 1,560,000 m2 and is home to a variety of creatures on land and in the sea.

The special feature of Sorae is the peaceful space and fresh air located in the middle of the crowded city of Incheon. Tourists coming here, in addition to resting, can take photos with the lively scenery in the park such as windmills, reed fields, etc. In addition, the park has many places to play and explore close to nature. Natural and equally attractive for many families and groups of friends such as mud holes, salt fields,…

Eulwangri Beach

Eulwangri Beach is a destination not to be missed when traveling to Incheon. The beach is 700m long, located quite close to the international airport, so there are many passing routes and vehicles. This place is famous for its beauty that captivates visitors with the blue sea, golden sand, rows of green trees along the beach and in the distance are modern high-rise buildings. The beach becomes more crowded in the evening because this is the most ideal place to watch the sunset of the day. Visitors to Eulwangri can also participate in many sports activities such as windsurfing, swimming, canoeing, kayaking,…

Bun Bawui Cliff

Bun Bawui is a natural cliff located on Socheong Island in Incheon. Tourists come here to explore and take photos because the beauty of the cliff has been compared by many artists and tourists to a lighthouse in the middle of the sea. You can get to Bun Bawui by fishermen’s boat or tour group. Visitors should visit the cliff at dawn or dusk to catch the most beautiful cliff moments of the day. In particular, this place is not too far from the city center so you can easily watch Incheon light up in the evening from Bun Bawui cliff.

Mui Island

Muui Island has a beautiful natural beauty with long white sand beaches and rich green vegetation. Muui means “Dancer’s costume”, this name was also given by the people after the beauty of the island when viewed from above. This place was also chosen as a scene in the movie “Stairway to Heaven” and attracted many tourists to visit afterward. In addition to the sea, the island also has hills, many vineyards, and a few wild, uninhabited areas.

Visitors can participate in many experiential activities on the island such as swimming, participating in marine sports, visiting vineyards, and exploring the pristine island area. In addition, this is also an ideal place for camping. The island also serves many resting places with wooden houses, cabins, and many dining services at extremely reasonable prices.

Jeondeungsa Temple

Jeondeungsa Temple is located in the middle of natural mountains and forests on Ganghwa island. Many tourists come to the pagoda for pilgrimage but also because they are curious about the landscape and architecture of this pagoda. Normally, when visiting the island, people will walk a short distance to the temple. Surrounding the pagoda is a sturdy fortress, designed during the Joseon period to protect the place from invaders. Legend has it that the temple was associated with a Zen master and was built in the 13th century.

In addition to being closely associated with Korean history, the temple has the ancient architecture of the “Land of Kimchi” with octagonal buildings divided into three main areas including the main hall and two adjacent areas. Visitors to the pagoda will admire many remaining traces of history, the most prominent of which is the engraving of the Korean general’s name on the wall and pillar in the main hall to pray for peace. In particular, visitors will experience Korean Buddhist Templestay programs at the temple, thereby better understanding the culture and beliefs of this country.

Songwol-dong fairy tale village

Located near Incheon station, Songwol-dong village is a destination for many tourists when visiting the city. People often call Songwol-dong a fairy tale village because the design and architecture of the houses in the village all have fairy-tale colors. Visiting along the roads leading to the village, you will recognize countless images of childhood characters in fairy tales around the world such as Peter Pan, the mermaid, the lead soldier,…

Here, people’s lives still go on very peacefully. Surely you will feel relief and relaxation when walking along the street. You can buy souvenirs, rest at a cafe in the village, take photos with colorful wall paintings, rent uniforms to take photos, etc. It can be said that the village always contains the beauty of childhood. In particular, every corner in Songwol-dong is worth exploring and experiencing.


Chinatown in Korea is truly a culinary paradise for those who want to learn about Korean-Chinese delicacies. The neighborhood is also very bustling, especially in the afternoon and night when shops open and tourists flock to the neighborhood in large numbers. In addition to the beautiful and attractive dishes, the restaurant layout here is a beauty that blends the cultures of the two countries. Many tourists enjoy it and look for beautiful shooting angles to save as souvenirs.

Ganghwa Poongmul Market

Ganghwa Poongmul Market is a market located on Hwado island in Incheon. The market is famous for its many fresh seafood products and delicious traditional dishes of the region. Certainly, visitors have many options to buy as gifts and expand their cultural horizons when exploring this market. The market consists of 3 floors, the 1st floor focuses on many dry goods such as dried seafood at reasonable prices, the 2nd floor is a dining area so visitors can easily sample many delicious local specialties. here. The 3rd floor is the area for entertainment activities. Most tourists often gather on the 1st and 2nd floors. If you have the opportunity to travel to Incheon, go to Ganghwa Poongmul market to better understand the local culture.

Incheon Bridge

Incheon Bridge is a modern bridge built in 2009 to connect mainland Incheon and Yeongjong Island. The project is solidly and meticulously designed, from design to construction techniques, helping Incheon Bridge become the longest sea-crossing bridge in Korea. Many tourists are attracted by the grandeur of the bridge and come here to explore the experience. Incheon Bridge is especially enchanting in the evening, you can watch the bridge from afar when the city lights up, run across the bridge to experience the breathtaking sea crossing experience and see the luxurious view of Incheon.

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