Liverpool travel experience

Liverpool Tourism - the beautiful English port city attracts tourists with museums with unique architecture, skyscrapers, unique cuisine and friendly, hospitable people. Let's "pocket" the experiences below to better understand this city.

Liverpool Tourism – the beautiful English port city attracts tourists with museums with unique architecture, skyscrapers, unique cuisine and friendly, hospitable people. Let’s “pocket” the experiences below to better understand this city.

Liverpool is a city and metropolitan area located on the east bank of the Mersey Estuary, in North West England. Not only is Liverpool the most beautiful port city in England, Liverpool is also famous for two world-famous football clubs: Liverpool and Everton. People call Liverpool the place that connects love, football and music.

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Liverpool City

Liverpool is known worldwide for its long history and unique culture; This city is also considered the 5th most populous place in England. Liverpool is England’s third largest port city, located on the banks of the Mersey River in the northwest of this foggy kingdom.

Liverpool has a rich history and culture that many other cities around the world admire. Liverpool Harbor also creates a unique historical feature for this city. Previously, many British people left Liverpool port to live in the United States, and many Irish people immigrated to England also through this city’s port. The special thing that makes everyone recognize this city is that it was famous for the band The Beatles in the 1960s.

After more than 800 years of establishment and development, this city is not only known for its solemn antiquity but is also world-famous for its massive architectural works and is also considered a cultural center. culture and sports of the world. When you arrive in this city, you can feel British history recreated in each building.

Coming to Liverpool, wherever you go you will feel the music there. Many music groups from Liverpool such as The Beatles, comedians and artists have become world legends. So don’t be surprised by Liverpool people’s love of music. You can hear music from hidden corners on the streets, behind small alleys; Even if it’s just a song with a few voices humming. That’s why Liverpool will give you the feeling of loving life, loving freedom and always being immersed in the emotions of every musical note that no matter where you travel, you can hardly find anywhere else. In the world.

The best time to visit Liverpool

Liverpool has a climate divided into 4 distinct seasons, each season has its own characteristics, so you can travel to Liverpool at any time of the year. The best time to admire the beautiful scenery in Liverpool is spring and summer. At this time, the weather in Liverpool is cool, with stable temperatures and beautiful sunshine, ideal for sightseeing activities. From Liverpool travel experience, you also need to note that the weather in Liverpool is sometimes erratic. It’s best to bring a thin jacket to avoid cold days. Besides, you should also bring an umbrella to avoid sudden rain in Liverpool.

How to get to Liverpool

Traveling to England to explore the city of Liverpool from Vietnam, you can travel by plane with airlines such as Vietnam Airlines, Singapore Airlines, Thai Airways,… landing at John Lennon Airport in Liverpool or you can also fly to London Heathrow airport. Next, you travel by train to Liverpool. The transportation system in Liverpool is developed and very convenient.

Means of transportation in Liverpool: In general, the public transportation system in Liverpool is considered convenient and developed. Therefore, when traveling to Liverpool you will have many different options for transportation. Specifically, you can go by bus or subway depending on each person’s preferences. To save on travel costs, you should buy an Oyster card or take the bus for a cheap price of only 1.5 Euro/trip.

Famous tourist attractions in Liverpool

Cunard Building and Royal Liver

Famous for its unique and ancient architectural works, so when traveling to Liverpool you will admire two very famous buildings: Royal Liver and Cunard. These two famous buildings are symbols of the port city of Liverpool and are recognized as world heritage sites. Therefore, if you have the opportunity to visit Liverpool city, you cannot miss these two famous landmarks.

Merseyside Maritime Museum

It is an ideal destination in Liverpool to learn about the history as well as the ups and downs of this city. Visiting the Merseyside Maritime Museum, visitors will be able to see with their own eyes the remaining documents about the legendary ship Tinatic during the unfortunate historical incident. Besides, when coming to this famous museum in Liverpool, visitors can also learn more about the history of this city’s maritime industry.

Royal Albert Dock

Royal Albert Dock is a famous place in Liverpool that attracts tourists with a structure of many buildings built in 1846. The unique feature of this structure is that it is built entirely of brick and stone. Currently, Royal Albert Dock is recognized by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site and has become an attractive destination for tourists.

St Georges Hall

What to play in Liverpool? This is a large hall built in the 19th century and is considered a symbol of neoclassical school in England. Visiting this place, you can not only admire the unique architecture, but also enjoy super beautiful virtual check-in.

The Beatles Story

When traveling to Liverpool, you cannot miss The Beatles Story museum, a favorite destination for music lovers. In particular, this place has a Cavern club with a majestic stage, along with precious memorabilia and collections of this famous traditional band. Visit the museum and you will see John Lennon’s round glasses, vinyl records or George Harrison’s famous guitar.

Watch an exciting football match

Football is also an attraction for tourists when coming to Liverpool with top matches. If you have the opportunity to visit the port city, you will be able to watch matches between Liverpool and Everton. You will immerse yourself in the exciting atmosphere with dramatic matches between teams.

Enjoy Liverpool specialties

What should you eat when traveling to Liverpool? You will enjoy many delicious specialties in this beautiful port city such as:

– Cumberland sausage: The dish is made from pork and herbs, creating a special delicious flavor that is different from sausages in other places. Cumberland sausages are best enjoyed with mashed potatoes and dipped in mustard.

– Cornish roast: A dish originating from Cornwall with unforgettable flavor and richness. Cornish grilled patties are made from potatoes, beef, onions, swede… creating a delicious and attractive flavor. .

– Fish and Chips – Fish and chips: A typical British dish loved by many tourists. Made from simple ingredients such as potatoes and golden fried fish, eaten while still hot. Enjoying this dish, you will feel the sweetness of the fish and the fleshy taste of the potatoes, which is super delicious and attractive.

– Shepherd: England possesses many delicious baked goods, including Shepherd’s pie. This dish is made from minced lamb and spices. When enjoyed with meat sauce, vegetables, and mashed potatoes, it will be more delicious and rich.

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