Meritel Hanoi

Add: No.151-153 Hang Bong, Hang Bong Ward, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi

Meritel Hanoi is located at one of the busiest, most vibrant and popular streets in Hanoi – Hang Bong Street. Hang Bong retains the ancient beauty of Hanoi hundreds of years ago, and is well known as the most valuable destination for tourists in Hanoi with its hip and lively nighttime vibe, while being peaceful in the day. With less than 5 minutes’ walk from Hoan Kiem Lake, Meritel Hanoi is also next to the traditional shopping areas and iconic tourist attractions.


Superior Double/Twin

  • Room size: 24 m²
  • View: Window or not
  • Beds: Queen bed
  • Smoking: Non-smoking
  • Max: 2 Adults
  • Number of rooms: 5 Rooms
Superior Double/Twin is located on the quiet and well-ventilated floors of Meritel Hanoi with up to 2 adults for the best comfort. Providing 24 m² wide, you will be offered a spacious and genuine feelings in a special atmosphere as these are the spotlight for our detailed attentiveness foundation of Meritel Hanoi rooms.

Family Connecting Suite

  • Room size: 55 m²
  • View: Balcony to City view
  • Beds: King-sized and Twin-sized Bed
  • Smoking: Non-smoking
  • Max: 4 Adults
  • Number of rooms: 5 Rooms
Family Connecting Suite offering 01 King Bedroom connected with 01 Twins Bedroom generously can accommodate up to 04 Guests. You and your family can enjoy the old quarter panoramic view while having their private space in both rooms.

Executive Room

  • Room size: 26 m²
  • View: Balcony to Old Quarter City View
  • Beds: Queen-sized bed
  • Smoking: Non-smoking
  • Max: 2 Adults
  • Number of rooms: 11 Rooms
Executive Room is designed to contain large windows that cherishes lush influx of daylight and natural air into the rooms. Overlooking Vietnamese neighborhood view allows culture-seekers to see peaceful old and new houses, making a holistic picture of Vietnam’s capital destination.

Grand Terrace

  • Room size: 50 m²
  • View: Grand Balcony to City view
  • Beds: King-sized Bed
  • Smoking: Non-smoking
  • Max: 2 Adults (Plus 1 with Extra Bed)
  • Number of rooms: 2 Rooms
The vast sky seems like a lively picture in the frame when you wake up in the Grand Terrace. What is the better way to finish a day than admiring the Old Quarter sky view on a sofa and have a glass of wine on our terrace?

Meritel Suite

  • Room size: 30 m²
  • View: Balcony and Window
    to Old Quarter view
  • Beds: King-sized or Queen-sized bed
  • Smoking: Non-smoking
  • Max: 2 Adults
  • Number of rooms: 14 Rooms
Meritel Suite is a perfect option for couples on honeymoons or a romantic getaway. With an Old Quarter view big bed and an enchanting bedroom design, you just wish to have endless snuggling days with your lover.
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